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Woww.. 10xDrive has been creating news all over and people are literally going bonkers about it. So if you haven’t secured your account yet… here is the last chance. Grab 10xDrive before it goes recurring in the next few hours. We have received a massive response for our previous emails and some queries too.. just tried to answer the most common here

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Q. I already have an account of Google Drive/Dropbox/Box, why do I need this?
Pricewise, None of them give as many features as 10xDrive have with some outstanding that nobody has at a small percentage of their price.
1 TB Online Cloud Storage Space for 10 Years,
Keep Your Personal or Professional Data Safe and Secure With 7-days Trash Recovery,
100% Security of your data with 2 Step Verification on Login,
256-bit AES encryption SSL/TLS Encryption,
Unlimited Upload and Download Bandwidth for smooth access Unified,
Access your files from anywhere in the world from any device,
easily Share with your professional team or personal friends,
Password Protected Sharing, Expiration For Shared Links After Specific,
Time and Private Sharing,
upload and preview your sheets and docs right inside the Drive,
In-built Video Player to Watch your videos right inside the Drive,
Technical support team.

Q. But what about my business files and website?
A. No worries… Create and save a regular backup of all of your websites. Extra comfort for WordPress Users: We have WordPress Plugin to create automatic a backup of your WordPress Sites In 1 Click which will be saved in your 10xDRIVE cloud storage.

Q. is there any Maximum Uploading File Size Limitation
A. Having 1 to 2GB size of such video files are pretty common these days BUT leading backup solutions think otherwise because many of other the solution has a limitation of not allowing the upload of the file size of over 1GB
we are providing Unlimited Upload and Download Bandwidth for smooth access.

Q.it sounds interesting ..but my fear is I will have an issue in accessing and data
A.now you can easily Access your files from anywhere in the world there is No device limits and apps interface is mobile friendly so you can access data through mobile or tablet or other devices from anywhere whether you are traveling or resting in your bed.

Q. I have a doubt of securely sharing the file and folders with others
A. with 10xdrive you can easily share with your professional team or personal friends. keeping in data privacy we are providing you full control over how your data is being shared to your friends or business colleague Password Protected Sharing, Expiration For Shared Links After Specific Time and Private Sharing

Q Does 10xdrive help with my business?
Firstly it’s one-time price will save you hundreds of dollars that you can invest in other business expenses.

secondly, you will get relief from fear of getting data lost and have a backup without thinking about storage No more losing website and data due to site-hacks No more losing data due to viruses, No more losing data due to hard drive crash or theft.

third It allows your team members to remain in SYNC when they upload and download the latest data to and from your 10xDRIVE Business Center every day – Better Team and Data Management.

Q. I don’t need right now any cloud storage service, why shall I invest in it?
A. Did you know Average Internet User has 200 GB to 1 TB of Data, which is adding up every day?. with 10xDrive you GET secure 1 TB of cloud storage space for 10 Years, yes you heard it right 10 years …you can use it in next 10 yrs and you will never run out of the space.

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Q. How can 10xDrive be for a low one-time fee? And how long before the price is raised for me?
A.10xDrive is currently running a special offer introductory price and if you take advantage of this special offer the price will NEVER be raised for you. You will be grandfathered in at this price for as long as you continue. So long as you use 10xhostings you will never pay again.

10xDrive is available for an introductory price for the next 10 hours only don’t miss this chance. Get Instance Access to 10xDrive Now.

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