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Hey, There’s no doubt that Videos are the hottest selling service in the market today. Show business that you can create a stunning video for them – and their wallets instantly fly open. Now imagine for a minute, what would happen when you tell these businesses that not only will you make a video for them (i.e. Traditional/Linear video), rather you will make a highly-engaging and super interactive video for them with quizzes, polls, surveys, call-to-actions, countdown timers, logos, images, buttons, texts, opt-in pop-ups, sliders, timers and much more.

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The businesses would be literally chasing you with the money. You have nothing to worry about creating an Interactive Video… Videract is going to make this drag-n-drop easy for you. The Videract Software launched recently and its copies have been literally flying-off-the-shelves.

It’s the world’s first software to be powered with “Interactive Video technology”. Videract combines ALL the various tools you need to create an Interactive Video… and makes them all work from a single easy-to-use dashboard: Creating Videos, Testing Videos, Creating And Adding Surveys, Polls etc., Ability To Add Questions, Texts And Graphics, Inserting Call To Actions And Timers, And A Lot More…

Take a look at the complete list of SMART features of Videract here. Now, here’s the thing. You can create and sell Interactive Videos as a service to your clients… only when you have the Videract Commercial License and that is available ONLY for a limited period of time WITHOUT upgrading to the Pro level.

Once this special launch ends (which is going to happen in 3-4 days), you’d have to pay an extra monthly-recurring fee to get access to the Commercial License. Another reason why you should not delay getting access to Videract is that there are exclusive top-end bonuses lined up right now. These are Reseller Rights to 4 hottest-selling software… all free of cost for new Videract members.

Watch Videract OTO Here

These would be gone too…once the special launch ends. Go here, watch Videract in action and get instant access. At the low introductory one-time price, Videract is a complete no-brainer deal to get. Act now and secure grandfather access to Videract.

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