7-In-1 SAAS Makes Facebook Success Inevitable

Hello, It’s almost like hacking Facebook…imagine having all of your competitor’s very best ads at your fingertips. Which ads are performing the best, how long ads have been running. You’d have an unfair advantage. You could copy your competitions most profitable ad campaigns without having to spend thousands on testing or weeks trying to craft an offer from scratch.

Tap the link to know more. AdPlify is the ultimate toolset for Facebook Advertisers that has everything needed to finally make Facebook ads profitable no matter what niche they are in. Adplify Track the ads of anyone you want and be notified when they release a new Ad. Always know what your competition or favorite Guru is going with his ads. It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Have a look at Adplify’s power-packed features:
Track ads from your competitors & gurus,
Discover the latest ad trends and conversion strategies in the market,
Build a library of ads that you care about. No getting lost in thousands of irrelevant ads,
Reveals everything including, headline, pitch, image or video, call to action & links to the final landing page,
Always know what ad angles and promotion strategies your market is using,
Get instant notification as soon as your competitor goes live with a new ad,
Discover new ideas, angles, and trends for your own ads,
Create your own ad strategy with perfect knowledge. Beat competition hollows every time.

Plus, Adplify includes a Commercial license, so you could be driving sales in the next 24 hours. Banking big and giving your customers a really powerful, fresh solution to the problems that they face every day. Also, if you already have a few local clients, Imagine the amount of money you can add to your bottom line by offering Adplify to them as well.

Indebted clients turn into loyal customers… which means recurring payments for years to come. This is a limited time offer and goes away right after this special launch. So, get your commercial license while it’s still there. Go look at Adplify right now, while you can still get the best price on it. Let me know what you think about it. Cheers. You’ve made the right decision by investing in AdPlify today. I know you must be eager to start running those ads and pulling in those leads. Awesome.

We want to help. We want to help you get even more attendees, even more sales and we want to help you create a legendary agency with thousands of dollars in monthly recurring sales from Facebook ad related services. How?. By making your already powerful AdPlify, legendary. Filling it with sales and profit boosting features that will help you become a Facebook marketing legend and put your agency on #buybutton1.

If you want fast growth in your business, you will want to keep an eye on all your competition, not just top 5. You never know when one of those guys is going to have a great idea and you’ll be able to save yourself by preempting it. Don’t make the mistake of letting competitors slip by. This can cost your business greatly. Get the Pro upgrade and you will be able to track the ads from 50 pages. That’s all your market in one go. That’s a power worth having.

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