A Faster Way to DFY Marketing Videos

If it takes you more than a few minutes to make a marketing video. (And really think about how long it took you to make your last video). You’re losing all sorts of traffic and sales.

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Each video you make basically becomes a marketing ‘asset’ for your business for years to come:
Step 1 – People search for a keyword, trying to solve a problem.
Step 2 – They stumble on your video that solves their problem.
Step 3 – They sign up for your offer.

Every video you put out lives on the web forever and converts people into customers (like in the 3 steps above). So doesn’t it make sense that if you could put our MORE videos FASTER than ever, you’d have more of these ‘video assets’ working FOR YOU?. Imagine a library of hundreds of videos working for you every day.

Now most marketers are simply LIMITED by how much time it takes to create a video, so the above scenario has never been possible. Until today.

What if you could:
Create dynamic, proven-to-convert videos in MINUTES for ANY project?,
Drive more traffic & conversions from video WITHOUT any technical skills?,
AVOID the hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars it costs to hire video creators?,
AND easily earn recurring profits from clients WITHOUT doing any work yourself?.

Meet Speaq. Speaq combines cutting-edge A.I. and animated video creation tech in one cloud-based solution. Simply log in to let Speaq create your videos for you. Make FULLY-CUSTOM videos by answering a few short questions, Choose automated options to have the software create your video FOR you with ZERO customization needed on your end, OR just enter ANY web link – from a blog post, article, eCom listing or ANY online link… and let Speaq instantly create a video based on that content.

Watch Speaq Walk Through OR Watch Below

Speaq takes video creation to new speeds by removing:
Buying multiple video tools (often with monthly fees),
Spending HOURS learning how to use each one,
Tediously filling in multiple text fields,
Uploading images and background music,
Double checking that your content fits and doesn’t overlap anywhere,
Spending MORE time on painful edits and revisions by simply having a guided Conversation.

Answer Speaq’s simple questions, and have a fully DFY custom marketing video by the end of the chat. What are you waiting for?. Their pricing is too low in my opinion, I’d be charging a HECK of a lot more for this. Anyways, to each his own.

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