A New, Amazing Paper Books Genre!

Hello and welcome!

Alessandro Zamboni has released his new publishing course, where he shows you how to create zero-content books for children.

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This is a super video series, with 14 videos, that help you understand the secrets behind a paper books genre that is selling like crazy.

Consider that every parent on planet Earth would need a minimum of 2 of these books, and even more as the time pass…

Inside this epic course you will discover:

– What is this zero-content genre and how it works.
– 2 types of books to start creating.
– Where to find exactly what you need, for free.
– Where to find the perfect fonts.
– How to outsource your paper book cover.
– The creation phase for the 2 book types
– And much, much more.

Dear Kindle author, these books are researched

This is complete, and it is a new trend that will be with us for the next few years. A real gem you can’t miss, if you want to create your business on Amazon!

Go check it out, before the dimesale starts!

Thanks so much and see you soon.

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