And The Audio Still Sounds Just As Good!

Just because these aren’t English voices doesn’t mean that there’s a sacrifice of quality.The voices inside of VoiceBuddy sound natural and realistic in any language. So if you’re looking to make your mark in another global market, you can rest assured that VoiceBuddy has you covered. It doesn’t matter if you’re Italian, Portuguese, or even Russian. VoiceBuddy can handle whatever you throw at it without any issues whatsoever.

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You can add (name of product) to your account with only a click of a button. But I do have to warn you. The discount is only available during this special promotion. Oncethe promotion is over, you’ll have to pay a higher price.

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Simple, Yet Powerful Point and Click Video Creator: You won’t have to spend long trying to make videos inside of VoiceBuddy’s Video and Image Machine. As a matter of fact, you just use this option to select the images that you want and you’re good to go. This option lets you create a ton of great videos fast without the hassle. It truly is point, click, edit, and you’re done.

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Complete Pixabay Integration – Millions of Images To Choose From: We’ve also integrated VoiceBuddy Video & Image Machine with Pixabay so every image that’s available on their site is also available inside of the platform. Pixabay currently has millions of high quality images to choose from spanning tons of niches and topics. You only need to enter a keyword, hit search, and let the software bring you back tons of images you can use in all your VoiceBuddy projects.

Easily Create VSL’s For Your Own Projects: You can also use this level to create engaging VSL’s for any product you may own. Just imagine saving thousands of dollars because you don’t have to pay for expensive voice actors or video editors. Yep. It’s as simple as lining up your project, creating the video, and then using it to make sales!

Create VSL’s And Offer As A Service: You could also offer this as a service for others. I know Personally of some people who charge hundreds of Dollars for just One VSL. Imagine using VoiceBuddy’s Video & Image Creation Engine to sell as a service… With minimal work and effort, you’d be able to pocket an extra, New Source of Income as you see fit.

Create Affiliate Videos For Profits: Affiliate marketing is hot and one of the best ways to make affiliate revenue is by reviewing different products. Well imagine using VoiceBuddy’s Video & Image machine to create those videos up to 20X faster than it would normally take. You could have a truly profitable affiliate video factory bringing you cash around the clock.

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Create Youtube Channels For Ad Revenue: Another great source of revenue is contextual advertising on YouTube. There are thousands of people who are collecting checks from Google because advertisers are advertising on their videos. With VoiceBuddy’s Video & Image Machine, you could churn out tons of videos around all kinds of topics and build profitable YouTube channels in half the time it would take others to do so. And then you could even flip the channel for a lump sum later