App Runs a Translation & Voiceover Business FOR YOU

App Runs a Translation & Voiceover Business FOR YOU. (1st Ever) App Translates Text Into 100s Languages & Media Formats. Agency Rights: Huge A.I. Multilingual Translation & Voiceover Technology. AI Tech. Translates Tons of Media at Once Into DIFFERENT Languages – BIG.

AI Agency Tech. Translates, Transcribes, & Voiceovers Content in-One. Apps Translates & Voiceovers TONS of Content at Once (Major Traffic). AI Mass Content Translation & Creation Technology (Agency Rights Included). Selling translation, transcription, and voiceover services to local businesses can help them rake in TONS of new leads by targeting customers who speak different languages.

Data shows this is working & NO ONE is doing this. I’m telling you this because today, the most advanced AI multilingual and translate app is now live for an earlybird discount called LinguaScribe. Why’s This the Ultimate Agency Tool Now?.

This groundbreaking tool is the first that can translate, transcribe, or voiceover simple text or audio, into TONS of different media formats & languages all at once. Plus, it comes with Agency Rights & Commercial Rights so you can sell access to clients for any price you choose.

Amazing Features No Other App Has. A.I. Powered Translation Tech. – Translate, transcribe, or voiceover any text or speech length into 100+ languages and different formats at once flawlessly. Mass Creation & Translation Tech – For example, convert English text To Spanish audio, Spanish audio To English audio, Spanish audio To English text, all at once in a click – save countless hours and time.

Largest Collection of Life-Like Voices – Get voices from Amazon, Google & Microsoft Azure. Gives you literally 100s of voices. Agency Rights + Commercial Rights – Sell access and allow clients to translate their websites, audios, and videos themselves or charge a monthly fee to do the translating yourself.

Voice Over Custom Effects – instruct the voice over technology when to whisper, use a stronger tone, what type of voice and what age to use, and far more. Fastest Turnaround Time – Our smart technology translates your text or speech flawless in the fastest amount of time possible saving months of time even when you have huge batch jobs.

Greatest Flexibility – LinguaScribe can create narrations, blogs, podcasts, sales letters, audiobooks, and more translated content than anything out there And far more. Plus, You’re Getting a Huge Suite of Bonuses. Because I feel this software is so important, not just to local agencies, but everyone who creates content today.

Here’s What To Do:
1. See my review of the breakthrough LinguaScribe app,
2. Then, get access now to LinguaScribe here for a special one-time fee (price will go up every few hours).

450 Minutes of free Voice-over. Automatically pull YouTube videos and get their transcripts. Unlimited Workflows & Gigs. Unlimited audios, transcripts and translations every day. 10% discount when you buy more credits. Includes Readymade sales page to get you buyers easily for your service.

Automatically pull blog articles and turn into audio. VoiceRSS Voice API & Voices. Free upgrades forever. Powerful Training to Get you business from Facebook videos.

You have done the right thing by investing in LinguaScribe today. Now you have a complete language toolkit that you can use to create amazing voice-overs and every other form of content in 100s of languages. Fantastic.

We want to help you achieve more. We want to explode your blog traffic, get you more leads, more customers and make you more profits everyday. How?. By making your already powerful LinguaScribe, legendary. Filling it with sales and profit boosting features that will help you become a traffic legend. Read on.

On the Elite version you get only 150 minutes of voice-over free. Yes, it’s enough for the guys who are not professionals and who don’t want to to really dominate their niche. You’ll be beyond 150 minutes if you convert just 15 blog articles, 3 landing pages and 6 sales videos.

What then? Would you rather pay a premium for each extra minute? Not if you know how to play it smart and get Pro. You are going to get all the amazing Pro features, and you are also going to get the extra voice-minutes that alone is worth more than the price.

With the pro version of LinguaScribe, you can just fill in a YouTube URL, and LinguaScribe will fetch the video and automatically strip out the audio file for transcription. No need to do all the manual work. With LinguaScribe Pro’s powerful automation, everything is easier and quicker. You’ll be getting a lot more content easily from YouTube with LinguaScribe.

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