Avoid Becoming a Hacking Victim In The News

Speedlir Fixes WordPress Speed Problem Once & For All: Speedlir fixes that problem once and for all with SPR “static” conversion technology. With Speedlir you can keep using your WordPress like you always did, and let Speedlir take care of both delivering your pages to the viewers at lightning speed and securing them against all word-press security holes. Lightning fast pages allow you to get more leads, sales, and affiliates commission with Speedlir doing all the heavy lifting for you.

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Speedlir Gets Rid Of All Word-press Security Problems: While ultra fast speed helping you to boost your profit is awesome, Speedlir also gets rid of all word press security problems. I am sure you’ve heard horror stories about hackers breaking into a website, and either destroying everything or encrypting it and asking for ransom to decrypt. There are big stories like that in the mainstream news and smaller stories you read all over the internet. Without boring you with all the technical details, there are numerous WordPress vulnerabilities even without any plugins, but because practically every WordPress site uses multiple plugins the things can get really bad in many ways.

Avoid Becoming a Hacking Victim In The News: Those plugins can add gaping security holes, which hackers can easily exploit to break in, and it gets worse with every plugin added. At the end of the day, the entire word press website security depends on the weakest plugin which is pretty terrifying though if you think about it. It’s so bad because it means that all it takes for a hacker to destroy your website is just one bad plugin. This is why the Internet is full of horror word-press hacking stories. Speedlir can help you to avoid becoming a victim in one of those stories.

You Pages Delivered Directly From 200 Locations In 90 Countries Around The World: Speedlir fixes all those word press security problems, as well as it makes your pages lightning fast with proprietary SPR “static” conversion technology. PLUS with built-in lightning fast web hosting for both converted clones of your sites and affiliate pages, and having content delivered directly from 200 locations in 90 countries around the world, your pages will load in no time. And, if as if all that was not enough, speedlir automatically creates a separate mobile version of your pages with reduced size of images to achieve incredibly fast loading speed for viewers on phones.

The Only Surefire Solution Is To Use Static Page: Right after that incident we went to the drawing board with a firm resolution to prevent it from happening ever again. The conclusion was that the only surefire solution is to use static sales pages which are always ready to show to viewers without needing any kind of database. Since then all our sales pages are static and we have never had that problem again. The page you are looking at right now is the static page as well. While static pages are great, fast and unhackable, they are also very hard to make, and updating them is typically a hard and slow process. It also means that while effort related to manually making static pages is acceptable when it comes for the sales pages, it is not acceptable for blog posts or web pages which need updates.

How The Idea Of Speedlir Was Born: So at the time we were stuck between rock and the hard place. On one side, we loved the ease of creating and updating pages with word press, on the other, however, we needed static pages for performance. Then it struck us like lightning. Why not have the best of both worlds?. Easy to use word-press and speed of the static pages. And the idea of Speedlir was born.

Don’t Let Your Word-press Site to Slow Down To A Crawl Or Go Down Completely: Because of the fact that on most typical shared hosting databases the database server is shared as well, it takes a lot of time to get information from the database, organize and then render the page so it can be displayed. Also there is one more word press performance problem, not many people know about, and that problem persists even if you pay big bills for a dedicated server for your word press website. Because WordPress sites get the info to render pages from the database, it creates a severe limitation to the amount of traffic, which regular WordPress sites can handle. It is the reason why word-press websites can slow to a crawl or even go down completely under the traffic spikes regardless of your investment into a dedicated server.


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