Bullet Points of ThumbReel

ThumbReel is a cloud-based software that creates thumbnails for your YouTube, Facebook& Vimeo videos using 100+ proven-to-get-attention video thumbnail templates. It also helps you improve your video visibility on YouTube and Vimeo search by doing thumbnail SEO. It scans your channel and tells you which video has an outdated and old thumbnail that you can then easily change from inside the dashboard. Changing a thumbnail of a video gives a slight boost in ranking as well.

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In ThumbReel, you can connect you YouTube account and it’ll show you all the videos you have. You can then create thumbnails either using the templates or by taking a screen-capture from the video.

Once thumbnail is created, you can instantly update it right from inside ThumbReel.

You can also create a thumbnail directly using a template without connecting or selecting any youtube video.

These 100 templates have been created by carefully studying top performing YouTube videos and the psychology behind view attention span. These are the same templates used by 1000s of active content creators on YouTube right now.

It also comes with an Analysis features that scans the thumbnail you’ve created to give you an idea about how safe or useful the thumbnail is.

It also comes with a BG removal feature to help you easily remove background from your images so you can easily add your own pictures in your video thumbnail and look professional. 2 pictures credit per month.

It also comes with a Stats features that shows you view stats of your YouTube channel so you can track current vs past views of your videos before and after updating your thumbnail for split testing and better analytics.

It was developed in 2018 and is currently used by over 1200 active YouTube Content Creators who dedicatedly use ThumbReel to create thumbnails for their YouTube videos that end up getting millions of views. Thumbnails created using ThumbReel are proven to get results.

No more photoshop or worrying about correct size/dimensions or being a design genius. Now you can create attention-grabbing thumbnails in minutes for your YouTube, Vimeo and even FB videos.

It comes with an Agency license on FE so you can create thumbnails for your clients and charge them a monthly fee for managing their video thumbnails.

Watch ThumbReel OTO OR Watch Below

Why is ThumbReel better than other similar apps?
ThumbReel is not just a thumbnail designer but also packs features to help you rank your old and new videos #1 on YouTube. Also, the thumbnail templates in ThumbReel are the exact same layouts used bby 1,200 YouTube content creators in 2020. These are where the current YouTube design trend is heading and they’re proven to STAND OUT from all the similar-looking videos. See my demo video. No other app does that.

Is there a monthly fee or any add-on fee later?
During this special public release, you pay once and never pay again. No monthly or yearly fee.

Can I create a thumbnail for my clients and sell the thumbnails to them?
Yes, you can do that for now. The commercial license is included free for next few hours but not for long, so hurry.

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