Buyers create their own products and you profit

Hey there, I promised yesterday I would let you know about this the second it opened, and here it is. If you’ve ever seen the success stories from people who run online ecommerce stores, it always goes something like this. I get orders from around the world while I sleep, and I’ve made $xxx,xxx so far this year.

What they don’t tell you:
They spent a ton of time and money building their store,
They spend a lot of money each month on add-ons and hosting,
They can’t park in their garage because it’s full of products,
Lots of times, they pick the wrong product and get stuck with unsold inventory,
If they dropship, sometimes they get mass complaints from bad quality,
Every day, they have to do physical packing and shipping work.

Kinda takes the shine off it all, right?. Well, you can have an online store with hundreds of products in it, REAL products that you don’t have to pay big monthly fees for or pack or ship or buy inventory in advance or worry about dropshipping headaches. In fact, in your store, the customer can even create the products themselves, exactly how they want them. So they (and you) KNOW they’ll be happy with them And you can have that store created, online, stocked, and running TODAY, in just a few minutes. In a hurry? Click here now.

Storeblazer makes this happen, here’s how:
Log into Storeblazer and, with just a few configuration clicks, you’ll have your own store,
Go into Products and you can explore niches upon niches of premade designs,
Pick a design and product type — Tshirts, hoodies, mugs.
Now, you might be saying at this point, not another Tshirt store. Well, don’t leave yet, because you’ve never seen what’s going to happen next,
Use the easy drag-n-drop editor to add customizable text fields, image choices, and photo spots to the design.

When the customer visits the product, they can input the text, change the images, or even upload their own photos into the product. For example, suppose you have a Tshirt design that says “World’s Greatest Dad.” The customer could add their dad’s name and upload a photo of their dad. While they’re doing this, they’ll see the design updated live on screen! So they end up with a fully custom design that THEY designed themselves.

Do you see how powerful this is? Do you see how someone could not resist ordering the design they just put together, because they KNOW how happy their dad will be? Do you see how they’ll come back for more orders in the future?. Oh, and what about filling the order?. You don’t have to do the daily pack and ship dance. All you have to do is click. Just log into your Storeblazer dashboard, any unprocessed orders will be there. One click on each, and they’re sent off to a Print-On-Demand company, two major companies Printful and GearBubble are built in. They print the design and ship it directly to your customer. Click here now and see Storeblazer in action.

Boom. In a few minutes, you could have the ultimate ecommerce store. Storeblazer gives you:
Your Own Ecommerce Store Set Up & Ready To Take Orders In Minutes With Up To 200 Products,
Dynamic Images For Buyer-Customized Products,
Preloaded Fonts,
Special Occasion & Events,
Easy Click Order Fulfillment With Printful & GearBubble,
Up To 50 Niches Of Importable Products,
Customizable Discount Rules,
Easy Ecom Funnels For Upsells & Cross-Sells,
Multiple Currencies,
Over 2,000 Premade Designs To Add, For Instant Ready-To-Sell Products,
Dynamic Text For Buyer-Customized Products,
10,000 Graphic Elements,
Upload Your Own Designs,
Downloadable Printfile To Fulfill Your Own Orders,
Admin Access Levels For Employees Or VAs,
Customizable Catalog Rules,
Save Money With No Monthly Fees,
Works On Every Device,
Full Featured Personalization Editor – Use Templates Or Design From Scratch,
Uploadable Images For Buyer-Customized Products,
Hundreds Of Mockup Photos,
SEO Customization Options,
Detailed Stats & Insights For Catching Trends,
Easy Payment Options For PayPal Or Bank Transfer,
Secure Fast Amazon Hosting,
Unlimited Orders And Purchases – No Caps.

And a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee to make sure you’re happy. If you’re serious about making money online, you need a Storeblazer store. And you need to grab it during their special launch, where you can get one for less than half price. Grab your Storeblazer discount access here.

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