Camtasia Crusher WITH Mobile Recording (Coming Soon)

Do you remember VidSnatcher? You know, the screen capture and green-screen based video editor that’s similar to Camtasia, but all in the cloud?. My team along with Bravinn Technologies launched VidSnatcher 1 year ago. It turned into an extremely hot product because it is a screen capture behemoth, video creator & editor that enables folks to produce videos that TRAIN and EXPLAIN anything they want.

And we all know just how useful a tool like this was in 2020.. Well, it’s only become MORE useful now as people are making videos that teach, share, and communicate virtually. Thousands of VidSnatcher customers capitalized on this exploding “train & explain” video market.

Except. There was one MAJOR suggestion from our users that no other software of this kind has – MOBILE RECORDING! So you can send your video clips right into the software while you are out and about. VidSnatcher 2.0 has it, and it is AMAAAZING, plus many more feature upgrades… get a sneak peek at the new version right now.

Here’s the scoop:
VidSnatcher 1 was a major deal because it was one of the first open-canvas video editors with screen capture (like Camtasia), but not only was it conveniently “in the cloud”, but it also included text-to-speech, and language translation, which Camtasia and similar screen capture / video editing software just didn’t have.

Now, imagine having all of this, but with MOBILE recording too, so you can record video from any mobile device and have that media automatically sent to your VidSnatcher 2.0 media library, ready for editing. How amazing is that?

VidSnatcher 2.0,
Is equipped with Mobile Recording so you can record ANYWHERE with ANY mobile device and have it ready for edit when you’re ready to edit,
Is equipped with text-to-speech and language translation, making it the first completely open-canvas editor,
It opens business opportunities around the World and completely crushes language barriers, opening access to markets that were virtually impossible to reach before now,
Enables ALL of us to tap into 2021’s fastest growing online video market for years to come… the “train and explain” market,
Includes Commercial License.

Easier than ever to use. ALL at a fraction of the cost to comparable video editors on the market. Want to learn more about this game-changing video editor coming on February 4th? Better yet, want a special pre-launch discount AND the opportunity to get special bonuses directly uploaded to your VidSnatcher 2.0 dashboard? Do you?.

Well then click the link below to check out the details and get a sneak peek of VidSnatcher 2.0 in action. Exciting. We took version 1.0 and blew it out of the water! VidSnatcher 2.0 is coming.

More Information at:
VidSnatcher 2.0 OTO
Vid Snatcher 2.0 OTO

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