Cheaper clicks and high CTR… FAST!

Stop searching interests one by one. Instead, you can add hundreds of targeting audiences into Facebook with the click of a button. Using a brand new ‘Facebook Approved’ technology called: AdSight PRO. This software allows you to quickly and easily find specific audiences using special ‘non-public’ data from Facebook.

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It allows you to uncover thousands of unique interest & behavioral groups you can use to get cheaper ad costs and higher click through rates. Check out this software in action here now. This software is currently being offered at a special one-time price as part of its initial rollout.

When you get access today you’ll be able to secure the best price and even a bonus commercial rights license. Sell Facebook’s ‘Hidden’ Data to businesses. Did you know that one of the most expensive mistakes a business can make is using Facebook’s targeting data the reason is that within Facebook’s ad targeting system they only show you a small
a segment of the data they have available.

So businesses end up paying more for clicks, getting lower clickthrough and competing directly against their competition. Did you know there is a very easy solution to this problem?. It’s called AdSight PRO

AdSight PRO is a brand new targeting software that includes commercial rights. It allows you to tap into Facebook’s very best hidden data so you can use that data yourself to improve your Facebook ad targeting. OR you can use it with client ad campaigns to immediately make them more profitable.

Watch AdSight Pro Walk Through

You can take a closer look at the software in action here now. It’s super easy to use and right now there is a founders special. So you can get access to all of Facebooks very best data & commercial rights for a low one
time cost. Go here now to get access.

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