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CPA Boss is a step by step video training along with PDF’s and Guides where we reveal the EXACT systems used by us to build a Passive CPA Income. The over the shoulder video training covers everything a NEWBIE needs to get started quick and scale the CPA earnings from $50/day to $300/day within few weeks.

With CPA Boss, you can:
CPA Boss comes with an online business model, where ANYONE can get started without having to sell anything,
CPA Boss comes with a cloud-based traffic app, which will help you harness the TARGETED YOUTUBE viewers looking for the solutions,
CPA Boss comes with case studies to help you get started quickly. You’ll get to see how we generate 332/day, 298/day even 450+/day in CPA.
Take a look at it here.

There are 4 simple steps needed to see results:
Step 1 – Set up your first campaign in under 45 minutes,
Step 2 – Turn on ENDLESS traffic on demand,
Step 3 – Enjoy daily commissions coming your way,
Step 4 – Copy……paste…….rinse……repeat.

Upgrade to CPA Boss Pro now, and you can instantly:
Unlimited Traffic Campaigns: Create Unlimited Traffic Campaigns Each Month With NO Monthly Cost,
Additional Affiliate Training: Additional training on how to to generate more sales with Affiliate & CPA Marketing,
Case Studies: Watch how we make sales by looking over our shoulder – and then COPY-PASTING the whole process into your accounts,
​Thumbnail Creator Pro: Access Our CPA Boss Thumbnail Editor Suite, So You Can Make Stunning Video Thumbnails Like The Pro’s,
​Premium Support: You’re already getting the best support. But with this Pro upgrade your queries will be answered even faster.

As a CPA Boss Pro member you’ll be able to create as many videos each month as you like and yet you’ll never pay any ongoing fee. Of course 30 Traffic Campaigns each an every month (which you already have) is great, but when you consider how quick and easy it is to make a fully formatted video with full narration from nothing more than a page link you’ll quickly see the power in making and sharing more and more videos.

Our Standard Account Let’s You Create Only 30 Traffic Campaigns Every Month. – Pro Users Can Make Unlimited Campaigns. We know that for many people 30 Traffic Campaigns Per Month will be enough… But what if you want to create 100s of campaigns per month, generating huge traffic, leads & sales?.

When you upgrade to CPA Boss Pro today you’ll never have to worry about limiting yourself from testing & running unlimited traffic campaigns. Just search a niche that fits your requirements, start analysing existing videos from YouTube & Google and find which keywords/tags are working to help you rank on page #1.

Additional training on how to to generate more sales with Affiliate & CPA Marketing. Traffic generation is the key to any online business. But even if you don’t have any online business, you can still make money with. #1. Affiliate Marketing: You won’t need to have a product/software of your own to make money. We will teach you how you can promote products and keep upto 50% commissions on each sale.

#2. CPA Marketing: For starters with zero or less experience in selling things/product/info material online, we teach you how you can make money online without selling anything. We are including our PROVEN work here. Watch how we make sales by looking over our shoulder – and then COPY-PASTING the whole process into your accounts.

These case-studies will help you in getting started quickly without having to test things on your own. Quick Commissions: The easiest route to major quick commissions – there’s no figuring it out yourself when you can just watch over our shoulders. Watch Everything Exactly.

​Each case study comes complete with all the content (EXACT images, landing page etc.) done for you, so there’s no need to recreate from the video cases studies, just plug in and profit. ​Based On Real Proofs: Every case study shared inside is based on real promos & real results.

Now You Can Create Professional Video Thumbs Just Like The Pro’s. It’s no secret you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get noticed, and it’s the same with video. When you search YouTube or Google for the latest product, the video with the STAND-OUT Thumbnail is nearly always to one that draws the most attention, clicks and views. You’ve probably seen all the high profile video marketers and affiliates using them and now, with CPA Boss Pro you can do the same.

CPA Boss Pro Image Editor Suite is EXCLUSIVE to CPA Boss PRO. When you upgrade today you can quickly generate your own Pro Look video thumbs for all of your videos. Just like the pro’s do. CPA Boss Image Editing Suite Is ONLY Available With CPA Boss PRO.

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