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OK so I know a lot of you had questions about VViral and have been emailing me left, right and center. So what I’m going to do is answer all the important and most asked questions in this email. If you haven’t seen what VViral
is and the insane amount of traffic it can generate for you, go here.

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Most common questions:

Q. What is VViral ?
Its a cloud based video creation app that create 3 types of videos that are proven to get million of views on YouTube
and Facebook: Quotes Style Videos, Funny GIF Compilation Style Videos, Trending & Popular Clips Compilation Videos.

Q. Is it newbie friendly?
Yes. You simply enter a keyword, it creates a sample video that you can easily customize as you like and share online or download to your computer.

Q. Do I need a domain or web-hosting?
No. You do NOT need a domain or web-hosting for VViral to work. Simply login into its cloud dashboard and start creating videos.

Q. Can I post these on my Facebook,Instagram and YouTube?
Yes. You can use the VViral mobile app to publish these videos on instagram, on Facebook pages, groups, profiles
and even on YouTube.

Watch VViral OTO Here

Q. How do I make money?
It’s easy. Mention your website link in the video and in the video description and make sure you create videos related to the CPA offer or affiliate offer or the shopify store you are promoting.

Q. Do I get any bonuses?
Well… yes, you do. You get my exclusive VViral bonus pack where you get all of these.

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