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In digital marketing, new technologies come along all the time. But BREAKTHROUGHS that change how business gets done are very rare.

Chatbot technology is one of these rare breakthroughs, and it’s taking over the online space.

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From FB pages to websites, eStores & even personal blogs…Chatbots are letting everyday digital marketers automate their businesses.

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Imagine having interactive chatbots handling ALL customer interactions for you – on your FB pages AND websites.

With advanced technology that turns fans into subscribers, and new leads into buyers…
24/7 whether you’re online or at the beach.

Then sending marketing messages to your CONSTANTLY growing list that consistently get over 80% open rates… over 56% click rates, For explosive sales & the happiest customers on the planet.

That’s what chatbots CAN do for you. But current solutions are INCREDIBLY expensive – many services cost $120 per year PER chatbot for just the basics.

Botstar is different. It’s bigger & better than ALL the rest – a solution built for marketers by marketers.

All the latest tech features for full marketing automation with drag & drop ease.

One-time price [when you act now] for permanent access to create MULTIPLE chatbots for your fan pages AND websites.

Botstar Walk Through OR Watch Below

PLUS – and this is huge – COMMERCIAL rights to sell chatbots to clients for up to $1000 a pop.

Technology changes every day.Technology that puts the power of automated profits into your pocket doesn’t happen often…

So DROP whatever you’re doing & check this out immediately!

P.S. the one-time cost is only available for a limited time … so hurry before the price jumps to a monthly subscription

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