Do you know that major companies like Twitter, Instagram, UBER

Do you know that major companies like Twitter, Instagram, UBER, OLX, Makemytrip, Starbucks, Tinder etc.,are now using next level of app ….that is Progressive web app. For instance, Twitter Lite Progressive Web App allowed social media to achieve 75% increase in tweets sent and 20% decrease in bounce rate by delivering a fast, reliable mobile web experience.

What makes PWA world-class? PWAs are the Apps that took all the right Vitamins that. Keeping the need of future mobile presence we have developed unique cross platform PWA technology to give you advantage of web-based applications with the enhanced user experience and features that were once exclusively offered by native apps on mobile devices.

Check out here the right vitamins that our software has for your own first PWA. AppsBuilder Pro’s PWA delivers an app-like experience through your mobile phone’s browser but has the same flexibility and gestures as a native application. Because they are powered by mobile browsers, they are not particular to any one device, meaning you no longer need to have separate apps for Android and Apple devices.

Why Are PWA’s the Future of Apps?
Reduced Friction for Users – Your customer only needs to google search your website and then they’re immediately launched into your PWA. No downloading, no waiting.
Reliability – PWAs load instantly when opened, and don’t require internet connectivity to fully function.

Speed – PWAs provide a smooth, responsive user experience that never lags or gets choppy. Engagement – PWAs offer functions and features that make them “feel” more like a native app to users.
The full native app experience – The shell of the PWA looks like an application and mimics any gestures you might get in a customized native app.

Push notification – Your PWAs can send push notification and your PWA can manage customer information, online ordering, and loyalty programs. Security – Because more websites are being programmed in HTTPS, it’s easier to launch a PWA in a secure environment. No App Store Middleman – With PWAs, you don’t need to register with Apple or Google.

Auto updating – PWAs are updated automatically when the site is updated you don’t need to do any manual update
Great for SEO – PWAs load faster and will be indexed quickly too and it provides a great user experience which all adds to the success of your SEO strategy.

Cross platform- You don’t need to create apps for android, ios, Microsoft, Blackberry. Once your apps is converted into PWA it can be installed on Any Device. Cross device -The PWAs you create works flawlessly across all the devices & can be accessed on any browser including Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
And the most important.

Budget – PWAs only use a fraction of data usage compared to native apps thereby keeping the cost of using PWAs low for you. And you don’t have to spend 1000s of dollars for an app. Single one time low investment is enough to convert unlimited website into PWAs. So what are you thinking for?. Click here to get ready to have an app that works the way you expect.

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