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Some technology just came out ahead of its time. Vinyl records were thought to be dead & gone – but today they’re LOVED by audio experts. ‘Retro’ clothing and styles are being reborn with trendsetters & fashion-conscious consumers. Then we have the ‘viral content’ – a 30-year-old technology that combines images,
texts & animations – long dead & buried – UNTIL NOW.

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“Viral content is leading the way to a world where VISUALS are the main tool of communication online”. What does this mean? Plenty. CodeOne leverages the RENEWED excitement in viral content to bring you a whole new world of passive online income.

Faster & easier than ANY other method. Viral content gets clicks. CodeOne turns THOSE clicks into 100% passive income on monetized pages the system BUILDS FOR YOU. Proof? All over the page. You’ll see results from marketers of all backgrounds making hands-free cash with this set & forget method. Some making $3000+. Sometimes, old is just old.
Once in a while … old is BETTER And THIS kind of old is the best way ever to make NEW passive profits

Take a close look at the unlimited upgrade to use this point & click system to setup as MANY passive income streams as you want. Another day, another system ‘promising’ how easy it is to make passive income online.

Dig into the details just to find these ‘passive’ methods are ANYTHING BUT:
for ‘push-button’ profits you’ll 1st need to build an email list,
you may have to create and sell your own products,
and you’ll DEFINITELY be forced to pump out tons of brand new content, day after day.

All in the ‘hopes’ of making a few measly bucks here and there. Well, thanks to technology and a brand new system. Now you can bank passive profits online WITHOUT any of the BS. You can do this with zero previous experience, No products or email list of your own, Even without a WEBSITE.

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Proof of results from complete beginners all over the page. This all-in-one system gives you the traffic, the monetized pages AND how to plug them in quickly to start making passive profits, fast. The beauty of this system is simplicity. It works based on the ACTUAL behavior of today’s internet users. Profit WITHOUT selling … and automatically connect with visitors that can pay you just by clicking their mouse. It really is THIS easy. Low, one-time pricing is in effect for a limited time only. Hurry to check out the details and claim your license NOW.

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