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Have you ever been to a website, couldn’t find what you wanted, and left?. This is a MASSIVE problem, especially, if you think you challenge is unique. Let me share a story with you about a personal trainer. We will call him Mr. Trainer. (not his real name). He had people going on his website all the time, but weren’t sure if they should buy a custom meal plan from him.

Perhaps you’ve been there. You’ve tried different diets, different work out programs, but not getting the results. So, they’d go to his site, think he was like everyone else, and leave. This was a massive problem because he wasn’t booking appointments or clients he needed. That’s when he made one change that made all the difference.

He used ‘Conversational Bot’ to talk to his visitors. So, when they landed on his site they could have a “natural conversation” about their diet. High carb cycle, high protein, low carb, vegan, paleo, and then. They could tell him about their workout program.

Low impact, Cross Fit, 3X a week, and then. Tell him their goal. The cool thing is – it took him just minutes to get it all setup. Then, what happened is unreal. His conversion rates TRIPLED. TRIPLED. Now, he’s popular on YouTube, but he wasn’t getting clients.

He never expected his conversions to skyrocket like that overnight. Not only that, but he was getting better clients who were ready to follow his guidance. It completely transformed his business, and the cool thing is…you can copy his exact method. He uses something called ConvoBot”.

It’s a natural “conversational bot” technology AND The best part is – it’s proven to work across a variety of niche markets because it can answer questions, provide information, capture leads, make a sale or even book an appointment.
It’s THAT powerful.

You can check out the full demo here:
Take visitors by the hand (virtually) and guide them exactly,
where you want them to go,
Allow you to run campaigns from your or any domain,
Share campaigns on Social Media,
Create glue like engagement of your website visitors,
Gain customer trust, and satisfaction,
Skyrocket your sales conversion numbers,
Easily handle support request. Go watch the demo and you will be blown away at how simple this is.

Create Unlimited Conversations on the cloud and reach anyone, anywhere:
Share Campaigns on Social Media: Make your campaigns spread like a wildfire. Share it easily on Facebook or Twitter with the click of a button. You can also add social buttons as a part of the conversation and make your visitors help you spread the word,
Share Campaigns with URL Or Embed code in any Site: Easily share campaigns with URL or even embed code in any of your sites,
Add Chat Widget: Want to have your regular page and still want to have ConvoBots? No Problem! Easily add ConvoBots as a widget on your existing site,
Download Conversational Campaigns as HTML: Prefer HTML for your editing? Simply download as HTML in just a few clicks.

ConvoBots is a must-have tool for every Marketer & Business Owner:
Helps to Personalize a customer’s journey based on their choice,
Positively impacts customer experience while rapidly improving your revenue,
Creates Tailored Experiences rather than leaving people guessing,
Removes distractions and leads the visitor to take action,
Eliminates wait time, expensive designing which tends to be distractive,
Gain the trust of your customers and improve the credibility of your business by promptly responding to customer queries! The best past is you can do this 24 x 7 without having to be online.

Times have changed. As much as customers want a good product, they give equal importance if not more to what kind of an experience they go through in the process:
Gone are those days when customers were ready to wait 24-48 hours to get a single response and go on to wait another 24 hours to get their next question answered. If the customers don’t get instant reply you might as well consider it a lost sale. It changes this completely. Just like how a salesperson would guide a customer inside a store, ConvoBots hand holds people and elegantly leads them to take action without being intrusive. Customer Support is the PAST! Conversations are the present and it is here to stay in the foreseeable future.

With ConvoBots you can experience:
Get leads 24 x 7,
Increase revenue without any additional spend,
Increased Customer Retention,
Improve brand image,
Better Engagement,
Increased Customer Retention.
It is truly game-changing for anybody selling online. It offers a non-obstructive way to collect leads and convert them into sales without having to spend on Ads or any other gimmicky methods that promise boatload of Traffic & Sales.

More Information at:
ConvoBots OTO
Convo Bots OTO

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