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So you are going to get the traffic. But let’s talk about Monetization:
You can choose. You want to make high ticket commissions which come in moderately.., or lower ticket commissions which come in a tad quicker?. It’s up to you.. because you’ve got the hardest part done for you. TRAFFIC. But if you want offers that are proven to convert, throw mine in there. Honestly, the fact I get something from when you sell one of my offers this gives me the incentive to release this in the first place. You might be wondering, Jamie.. why are you letting me use it if it works so good?. because I get paid PARTNER. And so with that being said.

This would work for anyone, even with a super inebriated mindset. $224 commissions:
This is some seriously powerful stuff and we’ll get more into it below. We created a software system that would allow you to “hijack” our traffic and monetize it using:
Our Affiliate program for our agency offer that pays out $62 on up to $224 INSTANT commissions to your paypal account,
Plug in my other $997 offer,
Use your Clickbank, WarriorPlus or other affiliate link,
Sell your own products and services.

There are NO limits. It’s all on autopilot once you set it up:
You know why this traffic converts so darn good with this monetization? Because the people who click all are super familiar with me already! And they trust me because I only do the best of the best. And remember you won’t need to build a fan base or build a list. In fact, I do not even recommend wasting time trying to capture a lead for this one. This is a “shortcut” offer to big lump sums, no upsells or “stages” to your income here. Just think about it, with only TWO $224 commissions daily, that’s $448 Yes, that’s Four hundred and forty eight dollars from just TWO customers. Five of them a day? That’s $1120 a day or $7,840 a week. All from you siphoning OUR existing targeted traffic.

You are now faced with your new reality: You never need to search for an offer to promote again, Tons of free traffic, Minimal work time, Keep earning 24-7, Learning curve eliminated, Quit your day job easily.

More Information at:
InstaCommissions OTO
Insta Commissions OTO

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