Google’s new approach to rankings is KILLING beginners

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There is ONE Thing You HAVE To Get RIGHT Before You Start A Campaign. No matter what niche you’re in, no matter what keyword you chose, no matter your ranking strategy. You Must PERFECTLY Optimize Your Youtube Videos With The Best Video Titles, Video Descriptions & Video Tags.

Every video you upload must be perfectly optimized in the right “seo language” to accommodate Google’s algorithm. Doing This WRONG Will HURT Your Rankings, GUARANTEED. Don’t Kill The Messenger, That’s How Youtube Algorithm Works. So what does it mean in real practical terms?.

This Means = Tons Of Manual Work On Search, SEO Experience Is Not A Must But EXTREMELY Recommended Per Each VIDEO
In reality this means each video you upload you must add the correct descriptions, titles and tags based on your keywords, they must be done CORRECTLY and ACCORDING to the most up to date ranking algorithm preferences.

Basically, you need to study SEO to do it really good, and even if you do manage to learn exactly how, you still need to manually do that. Well as part of the PRO upgrade, ON TOP of the 7X traffic keywords you’re getting. You’re also getting.

Put your new smexy keyword in, and get a perfect, up to date with google algorithm description, title and tags instantly. Remember, this comes ON TOP of 7x more keywords. keywords you’re getting. You’re also getting.

Automatically Track Your Google Rankings. Get Notified When Ranking Positions Change (Feature Soon To Be Released)
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With the EasyRankr PRO upgrade, you’ll put everything on RasyRankr standard on steroids, but also, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition. Are you ready to 7X your traffic and earnings instantly?.

Create Fully Unique, Natural & SEO Optimized Content For Your Secret Keywords In 1 Click. Save Hours & Hours Of Work, Research Time On Creating High-Quality Content. Create UNIQUE Content That Google Loves. Get Ranked Even Higher, Give Google What They Love.

AVOID Google Penalty, RANK & SCALE Rankings Without Effort, Risk And Expenses. FAST ACTION BONUS – MAGIC REWRITER SOFTWARE – Create A LOT Of Content From The SAME Content. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Low One-Time Price During The Launch Period.

EasyRankr Alone can get you TONS of traffic and page #1 rankings. However, do you want to SECURE higher rankings, cement them there? For higher traffic keywords as well?. Do you want to rank for YEARS and not just days or weeks?. Well, you need to get one thing right, and that’s content.

When your content is spinned, not unique, outsourced, written poorly, poorly SEO optimized, all these mistakes everyone is making. Not only you won’t rank, but you’ll also be in RISK OF PENALTY. So you see, the problem isn’t just that you won’t rank higher. You’ll rank LOWER.

Heck, you may even get PENALIZED. There is NO escape from a PERFECT content strategy. Content is the ONLY thing that you need to get PERFECT. Other things can be done OKAY or good, but content must be done PERFECT. SO what makes perfect content, perfect?.

Remember the rules, Bad content = lower rankings or penalty. Good content = Higher Rankings & Faster Rankings On An Significant Advantage. But that’s not the only benefit. With perfect content that your competition simply can’t beat, you simply sit on a spot high up and become UNMOVABLE. Impossible to take down, because you have these secret keywords, PERFECT content, PERFECTLY optimized, PERFECTLY posted, PERFECTLY are a ranking god or something.

You can do it yourself, write until your soul pukes itself out of your body, and simply publish that content with a little bit of your own spinning and small rewrites. This is NOT scalable and therefore NOT a good solution. The problem is that it’s extremely expensive but even if you make decent return on investment on it, or plan to, there is another problem.

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