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As COVID-19 continues to ravage on around the world, more and more businesses close by the day And as horrible as this is, it’s created an opportunity for you to potentially start making some extra cash from home. With no experience. With no paid ads. With no cold calling.

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My friend Taqi has uncovered a service that only takes 5 minutes to fulfill, but you can easily charge $250 for it. Why?. Because it’s proven to protect a businesses reputation by getting authentic positive reviews. And their reputation matters more than ever before, if they want to survive the pandemic.

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So how is this even possible? The secret is in the artifical intelligence, which does virtually all of the heaving lifting for you. See the power of it in action here. When you unlock the Pro version of Revio, you get access to a proprietary lead finder that would hand you over 100s of qualified and red-hot leads at a single click of your mouse. Simply type a keyword and set up your desired location and the app would return hundreds of leads with ratings and review sentiment analysis done on them already in a matter of a few seconds. The intuitive dashboard makes it even more easier for you to identify the best leads for prospecting.

Instantly catch the attention of your potential prospects and convert more of your prospects into your paid clients with a professional looking report complete with your own branding that you can generate with a single click. These reports use a value-first approach so they not only point towards the problematic areas but also give them recommendations that ultimately help you close even more clients faster and easier.

Use our proven hyper-personalized dynamic landing pages that would make client-closing even more easier. Thanks to the dynamic technology and the usage of custom tokens, each landing page once created feels made just to address one business or business owner at a time. This way your clients would feel a personal connection and a personal touch giving a huge boost to your client-closure rates.

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