Hyper Targeted Ads Made Possible

Did you know that 51% of B2C & B2B marketers Run youtube video ads?. Not sure if you’ve attempted it earlier – but
It’s quite effective when done right. Why?. It can be a lot more inexpensive compared to FB for the amount of high-quality traffic you can get.

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There’s always a problem tho Google makes it really hard for advertisers to find videos on Youtube that allow advertising. That’s when these guys got together and decided to do something about it. Let’s Cut To The Chase Shall We.

According to foundation inc A Whopping 80% of U.S. marketers are confident that YouTube videos convert. I’m sure you’ll agree it would be really great to Get Targeted Traffic Back To Your Websites for Just pennies & Know exactly where your ad gets shown on Youtube.

Watch TubeAim Walk Through OR Watch Below

TubeAim lets you do just that by letting you search for monetised youtube videos in any niche under the sun. Not all videos on Youtube allow advertising. That’s why this tool is really essential. Just enter your video URL and within almost seconds – it gets you a list of highly related youtube videos that allow advertising.

So when you crank up your targeting to a very high level – you spend less, make more and stay relevant. Win win win. Highly recommend you get TubeAim and run some Profitable Youtube Campaigns gets my highest recommendation – really.

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