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I think you’ll really love this, but first. My friend Cory Sanchez was told it is impossible to run a local agency business without having to be stuck on the never-ending hamster wheel of constant prospecting for clients throughout the year.

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He has proven everyone wrong! Let him explain here:
VIDEO IMAGE (use one of the images in step 2 above). Certified Best Year Yet Master Plan (add affiliate link) is a genius strategy where Cory shows you how all it takes is this ugly questionnaire that convinced virtually any local business to hire you and spend more and more on your products and services over the rest of the year.

Certified Best Year Yet Master Plan has become very popular with overworked local agency consultants, because it’s the perfect recurring income business, without the backbreaking, constant prospecting and selling. But it’s also become extremely popular with newbies, because this is the ultimate foot in the door strategy that allows you to set up a local agency fast and, by the end of the month, you’ll have a pipeline full of clients paying you for multiple products and services.

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To sweeten the pot even further. I’ve added my bonus (name of bonus) worth $XXX (add value), but this is only available until (date and time). I recommend you check this out right away while it’s fresh in your mind…
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P.S. I think you’ll really love this because this will set you up for the rest of 2020….in fact, this is going to be your Best Year Yet! And you’ll get my free bonus too…it’s something every success-minded person should have.

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