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So What’s the Secret?. How do you go from struggling, to booming?. How do you get the ATTENTION Of the people you’re trying to reach and get them to CONVERT to sales and subscribers on your pages?. The New System called Prospect Dynamic. Has Smart tech – that makes it impossible for your target client to ignore. It’s the SAME TECHNIQUE that landed a global 7% sales increase and sold 250 Million bottles of Coke. (wow!) And RIGHT NOW – if you’re quick You can get this incredible web tech And INSTANTLY boost your conversions for a low one time fee. (Be warned though – it’s a launch special – and will be going to a monthly fee soon!).

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You won’t believe the way the product can capture your web visitors attention. CHECK IT OUT HERE. You will be able to DYNAMICALLY change the name and greeting that every site visitor sees and get the attention – that leads to more sales. It’s a MUST HAVE especially at the bargain, one time price you can grab it for.

(Hey… you’ll also get over $400 in bonuses, so that pays for itself 10 times over!). If you are looking for an ‘edge’ or ever wished that it was easier – then grab PROSPECT DYNAMIC. Right now You’ll be so glad you do.

What Can You Personalize With Prospect Dynamic:
Name Personalization: Various studies show that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important thing in any language. Deep down you always feel that little bit special when you see your name written anywhere. It shows that someone actually cares about you personally. Make a direct connection with your customers by automatically inserting their full, or first name into your pages. You’ll be surprised by the increase in your engagement and conversions rates,
Business Name Personalization: Second only to their own name…is the business name for the owner of any business. People treat their business the same as their own children. No wonder, most businesses are named after the owners’ children or their initials. Any business giving you their business wants to be treated with a certain level of attention… that convinces them that you value their business. Personalizing your own business introduction or offer while pitching to another business is a very powerful way to evoke positive vibes. Businesses will find it extremely hard to say no to you once you start deploying this tactic on your pages,
Industry Personalization: Businesses looking for solutions to problems they are facing in their own business are ultra-focussed on their own industry and niche. The solution has to come from a place that caters to their industry. It installs confidence in them and helps build trust. Insert industry classification to instantly grab attention and stop the scrollers looking for solutions dead in their tracks,
Geo Personalization: Adding location personalization to your pages convinces your viewer that you understand the environmental conditions and physical location of their business use one of our existing fields as a GEO tag. This, in turn, leads them to trust you to understand their requirement better. They feel that what you have to offer is relevant to what they might be looking for. Use geo personalization to serve customers in specific areas,
Custom Personalization: Customize ANYTHING. use the fields in anyway you choose! You don’t have to use the ‘name’ field to put the name in… Pets, Car type… whatever you want to include to capture attention. Be as creative as you’d like & watch your conversions surge.

Engage EVERY Visitor With A Unique Page:
Communicate and engage with any visitor – on ANY device. Connect personally and offer personalized incentives, bonu*ses, and other cool stuff to turn visitors into sales. Gain your customers’ trust, drive repeat sales and improve user experience by increasing customer satisfaction.

Can I sell website/pages personalization as a service?
Sure. You need to pick the Commercial License right now for a low one-time fee or you can pay an extra $97 after the launch ends.

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