Introducing: Retargeting 2.0…

Retargeting is the very best form of advertising it means that you can build a list of people who have visited
your website that you can then advertise to with Facebook. PROBLEM IS: The Facebook pixel is very limited. When a person visits your website the Facebook pixel doesn’t know if that person is interested in buying or not. That means that when you pay Facebook to advertise to your retargeting audience you are advertising to absolutely everyone. Introducing Retargeting 2.0. We didn’t like being forced to pay Facebook to advertise to accidental and uninterested visitors so we came up with a solution.

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We call it Retargeting 2.0. It means that you only ever advertise to your hottest website visitors. It saves you time and helps you to pay less for ads but generates a much higher ROI. You can see how it works here. Retarget by AdSightPro uses this new ‘Retargeting 2.0’ technology to improve your retargeting in seconds.

Simply install code on your website. Then when a visitor visits your website our code tracks their activity on your website. Based on your settings it finds out the level of interest your visitor has. If your visitor is ‘hot’ then it adds that visitor to your Facebook ‘retargeting’ list. If the visitor bonuses, is uninterested or clearly accidental then it prevents them from being added to your retargeting list.

This is an incredible software that puts the power back in advertisers’ hands. If you want to take a closer look at how it works you can right here now.

Retargeting is nothing new – in fact, businesses around the world spend millions retargeting their audiences every day. Retargeting is when someone visits your website then you follow them around the internet with ads until they buy.

It’s super effective but businesses are paying more than they need to in fact some businesses probably pay Facebook thousands of dollars every day to advertise to uninterested or accidental visitors. It sounds crazy but Facebook doesn’t give them an option to filter out interested, uninterested or accidental visitors. So everyone is advertising to absolutely everyone who visits their website. What’s the solution?

It’s a new method we’ve developed that allows us to only show Facebook’s retargeting pixel when we identify based on visitor’s behavior on a client’s site that they are an interested buyer. What’s great about this the solution is it’s saving businesses thousands of dollars, increasing their ROI and it’s super easy to do.

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In fact, you can charge businesses up to $1500 simply by upgrading them to Retargeting 2.0. All you need is a business that is paying to advertise on Facebook and this software called: Retarget by AdSightPro It’s easy to use system that improves your retargeting within minutes.

Simply follow 3 easy steps to set it up and it runs automatically in the background. Tracking visitor behavior on your website and identifying who a business should be advertising to and who a business should avoid spending money on ads to target. Right now you can get a discounted copy of this software here.

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