Need a mentor? Here’s 25 of ‘em

Digital marketing seems easy until you actually get started. So many options, so many moving parts. No wonder 95% of those who try to give up in less than a year. You don’t hear about those stories that often. You hear about the handful of top marketers making 6, 7, even 8 figures a year.

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How did they do it?. By surrounding themselves with successful people. Getting mentoring from top pros. And networking to build valuable partnerships. Live events are a GREAT way to kickstart your online results. But they usually mean paying for flights & hotels AND taking time off work or away from your business.

How about if the event came to you instead?. Check out the IM Virtual Summit it’s a game-changer. Get expert methods from over 25 of the world’s most successful digital marketers. See the future BEFORE it happens with trend insights from Laura Casselman and Mike Filsaime.

Network with both the experts AND fellow marketers. All from the comfort of your living room Because this event is streamed directly to your computer. ALL the benefits of a live event, with none of the costs. The speaker lineup reads like a “who’s who” of digital marketing.

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Brand name experts that are setting NEW standards in our industry. Here to show you EXACTLY how to take your results to the next level. Click here now for full details and access and get ready for THE event that can change your life with strategies that work RIGHT now … from the best in the game. Be sure to choose the VIP option so you get to keep all the recordings AND take home a software bundle worth $691

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