Did you know? A lot of the top marketers and affiliates make a lot of commissions using their affiliate blogs / websites.

YES they create a wordpress site where they write positive and negative reviews about products / software offers etc and then people buy from their site.

Watch CB Automator WalkThrough Here OR Watch Below

This is a very cool way to earn commissions and create passive income. BUT – it’s not easy.

You need to setup a wordpress site, You need to write articles / a lot of content, You need to create demo videos, You need to create banners, You need to add affiliate links etc.

What if all this was ALL DONE FOR YOU in one click?. YES – what if all you had to do was PRESS A BUTTON and your new affiliate site would be launched without any manual work?. Introducing CB AUTOMATOR – a brand new wordpress plugin that creates your affiliate site in just 60 seconds. Automatically imports offers from Clickbank & Gets you GUARANTEED approval to promote these offers. Complete with Videos, Images and product reviews all done for you.

All you have to do is CLICK IMPORT, sit back and watch your review site get ready before you can finish your coffee. Watch how Ankur creates a brand new affiliate site in just 60 seconds. This is for you if you hate writing content and want to create your own affiliate site for earning commissions.

This is for you if you are new and do not have a site yet? This is for you if you find creating a site too difficult and want to launch your own site without any hard work. All you have to do is…

Watch CB Automator Walk Through Here OR Watch Below

DOWNLOAD The CB AUTOMATOR Plugin from here. Install it on your site and launch your site in 60 seconds. There is an early bird discount active on the page right now. SO hurry up and get in there now before the discount goes away forever. If you’re worried about how to get started earning commissions online, this is exactly what you need.

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