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Hey, Chances are you have heard all the buzz surrounding Instant Puzzle Generator. >>> In case you have missed out on it, just go here to see why it’s getting all the attention it is getting. This is by far the smartest word search puzzle creator for low content publishers and since it’s release yesterday it has been turning heads and taking names.

Check out what some of the real users have to say about it. I absolutely love the software. I’ve used quite a few different ones and IPG is by far the best. Marlene Reoberson. Very Cool , very fast. I used the word list for Xmas you have in the Files section and added some Xmasy background. I could have a book done in minutes. Rebecca Holman.

Amazing. I love it. In less than an hour I have 22 very nice word search puzzles from start to finish. Brenda Rees. And these are real users who have bought the product with their own hard earned money. You really don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to grab it at the current low launch special price. Get Instant Puzzle Generator here. Thanks.

PREMIUM advanced features. Download complete books in POWERPOINT. UNLIMITED downloads for unlimited number of books
DEVELOPERS’ LICENSE included. PROFIT MORE with this pro upgrade.

Hey, Niranjan again and I just couldn’t help but have this PRO upgrade offer for you. Look, you have made an awesome decision by investing in Instant Puzzle Generator. You have got the tool you need to crank out hundreds of high quality puzzle books for your KDP business.

But then, I always have these ELITE CUSTOMERS of mine who want that extra edge over others. And for those customers of mine who love taking action, I created this PRO upgrade. Are you an ACTION TAKER?. Do you want to have that edge over others when it comes to winning at business?. Then this is for YOU.

Instant puzzle generator PRO upgrade gives you the power to put your puzzle book creation process on steroids. We have been using these exact features in our own KDP publishing business and have been able to shave off hours off of our work flow and starting today you can do that same. Check out some of the premium features that you need to have in your business right now.

With this PRO upgrade you will unlock the unlimited edition. That means you can create as many or as little puzzle books as you need for your business. This is just way too powerful.You know how powerful PowerPoint is and with this upgrade you will be able to download complete fully formatted books in PowerPoint file format. Once done, you have complete flexibility to edit your books the way you want.

With this license you can create puzzle books for clients who in turn can sell their books on Amazon KDP. In the front end offer you got limited color options. With this upgrade you will be able to use any color of your choice for customizing your puzzles.

10,000 words list Done For You. Create HIGH QUALITY puzzle books in minutes. All the HARD WORK is Done For You. Upload once and continue profiting for years. Step by step training provided.

You have made a great decision by investing in Instant Puzzle Generator. You have got the exact same tool that I use in my business to create a small low content publishing passive income empire for myself. However, there is one thing you still need to do to create high quality puzzle books.

You need to research theme based words so that you can feed the beast of a tool you now have in your disposal. Trust me that can take up a lot of time. And if you know the Amazon KDP model then you know that you need to publish a lot of books on the platform so that each one of those books can earn you a few bucks per month, eventually adding up to a nice passive income. For that to happen you need. A LOT of your TIME.

Let’s just assume that you spend a very conservative 50 hours putting together a list of 10,000 words. Now making a very conservative estimate of the value of your time being $10 per hour, that’s $500 worth of your time spent on collecting the 10,000 words. That’s the time you could have spent ON your business rather spending it IN your business. Well, I have got you covered. Instant Puzzle Generator DFY Wordlists is a set of done for you words neatly organized into various categories that you can start using in your business in minutes from now.

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