Proprietary Local Lead Tech. Builds an Agency FOR YOU

App Automatically Lands Agency Clients w/ Proprietary Technology. Proprietary Local Lead Tech. Builds an Agency FOR YOU. Land Crisis-Stricken Businesses w/ ‘Smart’ Local Lead Tech. Get Agency Clients HANDS FREE with ‘Smart’ Local Lead Technology. Advanced App Finds, ‘Prequalifies’, & Lands Local Leads FOR YOU Handsfree. COMING: Find & Sell Unclaimed GMB Listings w/ Advanced Tech. SOON: Smart App Lands ‘Prequalifes’ Local Leads for Your Agency. ‘Smart’ Local Technology Lands Agency Clients Handsfree.

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Everyone knows the biggest biz opportunity this year is selling agency services to local clients desperate to survive the crisis. However, there hasn’t been any breakthrough technology launched in a while that actually lands these clients for you in the first place… until today that is. LeadsGorilla, a new smart app that finds & lands ‘prequalified’ local clients FOR YOU, is going live soon & will be a game-changer for agencies. In a hurry? Check it out here.

Why is LeadsGorilla a Huge Deal?
In just minutes LeadsGorilla will find the easiest to land & most profitable clients for you w/ a secret algorithm no other app has & find unclaimed Google My Businesses listings to sell. Then, it will land that client for you ‘push-button’ easy w/ breakthrough lead magnet, email marketing technology.

Just a Few Amazing Features Include:
[+] Get Clients from FB & Google – Find thousands of leads from FB groups, FB pages, & Google My Business,
[+] View Advanced-Data About Each Lead – See advanced data about each lead no other lead finder can show,
[+] LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology – See how easy the lead will be to land and how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score,
[+] Sort By Claimed/Unclaimed Pages & More – Sort leads instantly using many filter options including if their Google My Business listing is claimed or unclaimed (for you to claim & sell to them),
[+] Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports – automatically generate a customized print-on-demand, detailed report that shows how the business can improve their marketing,

Watch LeadsGorilla OTO

[+] Organize Campaigns & Manage Leads – perfectly organize each lead into campaigns & updated them throughout the onboarding process,
[+] Email Marketing Technology w/ Proven Swipes – reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Includes proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches .

Simply put,
if you’re serious about running an agency this year, there’s no excuse not to get this app as tons of beta users are already landing their first clients. Plus, You’re Getting Huge Bonuses Including.

Here’s What To Do:
1. See my review of the breakthrough LeadsGorilla app plus all the bonuses,
2. Then, at 10am EST July 15th get LeadsGorilla here for a special one-time fee (price will go up every few hours),

Make sure to go there now for a chance to win a fre.e copy & learn more about the app.

Now is the Best Time in History to Start an Agency Business and Help Others. Especially If You’ve Never Done This Before:
Businesses Are Struggling. here’s been tons of softwares launched that help agencies provide services to local marketers. But, nothing groundbreaking has come out that helps find targeted, struggling clients and gets them to work with you in the first place. That’s why so many local businesses owners are panicking and struggling to keep their stores open.

Watch Leads Gorilla OTO OR Watch Here Leads Gorilla OTO

But, You Can Be the Hero (No Experience Needed):
Wouldn’t it be great to have smart technology that can land these struggling businesses and get them excited to work with you?. Wouldn’t it be great to help them and their families, while making a monthly income by selling them exactly what they need to survive?. Well, we’ve developed the most sophisticated all-in-one solution with proprietary technology that can identify their problems, generate the most sophisticated lead reports, and close them with advanced email technology. But, before we explain more, listen to this.

Getting Local Clients that Pay Is Not as Easy As it Seems. Generic lead finder apps don’t work anymore. You need:
A way to instantly identify which small business leads will actually respond and are profitable,
Ability to quickly see everything the business needs to fix, including if they’ve claimed their Google My Business listing or not,
Send premium, high-value PDF lead reports better than anyone else can explaining what’s wrong and what you can help for 2020,
Advanced email technology that send proven custom tailored emails to each business (generic stuff doesn’t work anymore),
All-in-one features including lead finding, lead sorting, lead magnet generation, and email technology to save time,
and more to land agency clients today which our groundbreaking technology will cover.

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