Psychological TRICK Forces Ppl To Watch Your Videos All The Way Through

Do you know?. If you use video to sell anything, then you have just 2.7 seconds to capture audiences now (according to a research conducted by MarketingMag). Average VIDEO RETENTION is merely few seconds for most videos. When your video retention is LOW.

You drop in rankings like a madman,
NO SEO strategy will fix it,
You waste your time creating videos that no one watches,
You Don’t get sales,
You cannot go viral,
You are not being taken seriously by anyone,
Your engagement is low,
And plenty of really bad stuff.

However, when your video retention is high, you will INSTANTLY see benefits:
Insane rankings (proof and explanation how it works here),
No need to create the perfect video, even simple videos make millions and that’s a fact,
You make 5x, 10x, 50x and 100x more sales than you would normally,
You have a huge chance of going viral v.s having low retention rate,
You seem like a more established and serious business/person,
Your engagement is sky high naturally, which drives rankings and sales up, and also customers feel more comfortable
buying from you.

I have seen and tried so many tools but there is none who can help you with video retention it’s insane. UNTIL NOW.
Tomorrow a groundbreaking tech is going to launch that INSTANTLY 3-10x your traffic, sales & engagement with videos using a simple PSYCHOLOGICAL trick.

This will work for you regardless of the video you have, whether it’s top notch or basic, perfect or imperfect. All you need to is – add your video to this software, click few buttons and that’s it. It’s called VIDPERK and it goes LIVE tomorrow, 23rd Jan @ 10 AM EST for a low 1-time launch pricing.

Stay tuned, I will keep you posted. Keep an eye for my email tomorrow around 11 am est. To your success.

More Information at:
Vidperk OTO
Vid Perk OTO
Vidperk Upsell
Vidperk OTO

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