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In this post I’m reviewing FLIIK by Mark Bishop and partners. What is FLIIK?. FLIIK is a full scale automated affiliate marketing system. The FLIIK method of affiliate marketing is based on serving product comparison videos to online shoppers. The software automates the entire 3 step process: Select products, Create product comparison video and hub, Drives targeted traffic.

The great thing about the method of affiliate marketing that FLIIK automates is that it’s targeting buyers who have already made the decision that they want to buy a product online. These prospects do not need to be sold to, they simply need the product comparison video to make them decide which product to purchase.

And when you think about it, this method makes perfect sense. After all, in this day and age it’s highly unlikely for someone to purchase a product online without comparing it’s features with other similar priced products.

Can you make money with FLIIK?
Absolutely. The bottom line is that people are looking for these product comparisons before making online purchases. You’re simply giving them the information they need. Clicking your affiliate link to get to the sales page is simply speeding up the purchase process for them. You’re helping them out. And with Ecommerce growing rapidly, there’s no reason why this method will ever stop making money. If I had a crystal ball, I’d say affiliates using this method are only going to make more money as the ecom industry thrives.

Does FLIIK do what is promised?
Yes, FLIIK does automatically execute the 3 step system that is explained on the sales page. Of course, you can do all of these steps yourself, manually. But taking that route will take a lot of time and technical skill (with regards to video editing). FLIIK not only executes the steps automatically, it does them well. It’s also newbie friendly so any marketer, however experienced or inexperienced, can use it.

Who created FLIIK?
FLIIK has been developed by experienced affiliates Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and their partners. These guys are big names in the digital and physical affiliate marketing world, so they know exactly what they are doing. This is very much a system that is created by affiliates for affiliates.

In Summary, Do you need FLIIK to succeed with the zero selling affiliate marketing method? Absolutely not, the FLIIK sales page explains the steps the software automates and you’re welcome to do these yourself.

Will FLIIK do these steps faster and better than you? Most probably. It’s absolutely certain to execute the steps faster than you (we’re talking minutes rather than months if you did this manually) and the video editing is super high quality too.

In my opinion, FLIIK will be most useful to new affiliates who are looking to get into the game and make their first commissions as quickly as possible. However, that doesn’t mean seasoned affiliates will not benefit too. Anyone can make money with this method. Click here to check out FLIIK.

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