Sell Autopilot Reputation Services to Local Business (BIG Agency Tool)

The primary way local businesses are being found & hired is through their local profile pages like GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, and FB due to the current crisis. If their profiles don’t have tons of stellar reviews, they won’t get ranked, let alone clicked on.

Now you can help them w/ this & make serious money w/ groundbreaking app called LocalReputor that manages & enhances local businesses reputation on autopilot. Get tons of reviews & rank clients’ GMB profiles into the ‘Google-3-Pack’ handsfree. In a hurry? See how it can run a reputation management agency for you here.

Why is Local Reputor a HUGE Deal?
This groundbreaking cloud app significantly improves and grows your clients’ local profile ratings on autopilot. Plus, it lands clients that need reputation management services & generates far more warmed-up leads in the process in several breakthrough ways. Just a few amazing features include.

Autopilot Local Profile Review Tech-capture reviews from customers & publish them to clients GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, & Facebook local profiles for more leads. 4 Types of Local Review Widgets – create & fully customize modal, header, slide-in, or pop-up widgets that capture reviews and build your clients’ local profiles to rank higher.

Review Me Print-Ready Cards with ‘QR Codes’ – generate special cards or flyers to customers to w/ customized QR codes that direct to the business’s GMB, FB, or Yelp profiles for MOBILE reviews. Drag-n-Drop Reputation Creation Card Tech. – drag-n-drop editor w/ tons of images makes customized business cards, posters, or flyers to capture mobile local profile reviews.

Google My Business Local “Offers” Creator- Create product offers that appear DIRECTLY ON each local client’s GoogleMyBusiness page. Reputation LeadFinder – Quick find & land targeted clients in any area in need of reputation management and enhancement. Claim & Optimize GMB Listings – Actually claim & manage client’s GoogleMyBusiness profiles through the app & optimize them on autopilot to help them rank higher in search.

Reply & Manage Local Reviews – Quickly reply to all client reviews left on local profiles (proven to increase rank) and help delete negative reviews through the app. Plus far more – Commercial Rights, 24-7 support, fully cloud-based, advanced CRM, etc. Plus, You’re Getting a Huge Suite of Bonuses. Because I feel this software is so important, not just to local agencies, but everyone who creates content today.

Before you get started, because you’re a smart marketer who took action we want to give you the chance to upgrade your account. We tried to pack as many features and value into LocalReputor on the front end as possible. But, we did have to leave out some licenses and amazing features to make the software affordable and accessible to everyone. If you’re one of those users interested in using LocalReputor to its full potential to save far more time and potentially 10x your profits.

Due to bandwidth restrictions, there was a cap on the number of reviews you could capture and review campaigns you could create. However, with the upgraded edition, you can capture and run as much as you want like a serious agency. Just like standard review capture campaigns, there was a cap on the number QR code “review me” campaigns you could create. But, now you can create unlimited amounts.

Land as many clients as you want with the ability to search for as many leads as you need. Now you can search beyond just a few locations to capture clients anywhere you want. This is amazing! Now you can generate gorgeous lead-magnet reports that detail how the local business is failing with reputation and needs serious help to get any online leads. It includes the ability to show if they have claimed their GoogleMyBusiness listing yet.

Don’t get stuck doing all the hard work yourself. Now you can grow and create a real agency business by creating secure team member accounts and letting freelancers do the work for you while you profit passively. What happens if the client you land or manage gets a negative review? You’ll see how to turn that review into a positive one or get rid of it with DFY scripts. This is a very powerful and helpful service you can charge for.

LocalReputor Professional now allows you to integrate and manage unlimited amounts of GoogleMyBusiness accounts in this unprecedented upgrade. Our Professional customers will get access to one-on-one support above everyone else if you are confused about the software or encounter an issue.

With Mobile App Creator you can make real iOS and Android apps to help businesses reach more customers and advertise via smart phones. This is a super in-demand service and you can create amazing look apps with no coding expereince needed.

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