Send Personal Video Messages Inside Facebook Messenger Automatically

Send Personal Video Messages Inside Facebook Messenger Automatically. Skyrocket Traffic, Engagement And Leads Using Personalised Automations. Combine the power of videos, SMS & Emails to get 10x more leads, sales, and results. Send, Schedule, Record, Convert, Combine and Create Automated Video Messages with ZERO Technical Skills. Get Your Clients Record Engagement & Conversions.

Easily Providing Customer Care Services. Never Lose Traffic, Lead And Sales Again On Facebook. Send Broadcast Voice Messages, Audio Messages, & Image Messages. Convert any text into audio in any language… and schedule it as a response in a chat. Ask your audience questions to qualify them and see if you’re a good fit.

[+] Invite Facebook Fans to stay in touch as a subscriber. Send your audience info about your products, services and promotions. Turn your engaged Facebook fans who are commenting on your posts into contacts. Shorten Your Facebook page listed response time dramatically— and gain more trust.

Schedule Free Facebook Ads Videos That Capture Emails. Host Or Store Videos On Facebook For Free. Send Personalized Video Messages That Engage, Build Lists And Drive Traffic. 10X Your Traffic, Leads, And Sales By Combining The Power Of SMS, Emails, And Videos.

FREE Call About Messenger Marketing – Register NOW. Messenger Marketing + Video – You gotta see this. Exclusive Invite to a FREE Call – Learn how you can use videos inside Messenger. Have you ever used videos in your business?
Of course you have. Everyone has.

But did you know that offline and online businesses have started to engage their audience via Facebook messenger?
Automatically?. I know – it wasn’t a “thing” until now. But once the cat’s out of the bag, many agencies and business owners are rushing to utilize the power of videos inside of Facebook messenger.

Click here to see this special message and sign up for a front-row seat to see how you can do the same. See, when it comes to automation inside Facebook – Facebook limits your greatly. But with messenger marketing, which is still relatively new – there’s a LOT you can do.

Share demo/tutorial videos inside of messenger. Collect email addresses. Collect phone numbers And more. Neil Napier wants to show you – LIVE on call – how he and Robert are harnessing this technology in their business. Without spending any money on ads.

So as you can imagine, the RoI is HUGE. Want to see this in action? Want to get an early bird deal?. Go here and see how this system works, and sign up immediately – the live demo with QnA happens in a couple of days. Cheers. When you sign up, you also get a chance to win a free copy of the video messenger system Neil and Robert are offering.

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