Software for passive profits

Online news sites get an absolute TON of traffic. CNN, ABC, BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable – the list goes on. Why? People are ADDICTED to the news. What’s the point? Sites like these make huge passive profits daily. Huffington Post ALONE makes nearly 30K … every – single – day. And thanks to the completely revolutionary NewsBuilder 2.0 software –
you can bank passive income in exactly the same way.

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Here’s how. This 100% beginner-friendly system makes it EASY to profit. In a nutshell, this is how it works. Pick a niche, interest or hobby, Choose from over 138 leading online news sites to pull content from, Watch the software create you STUNNING sites packed with relevant, articles, including images & videos – you don’t have to write a single word, You’re shown how to monetize your site with passive ads & offers. It gets even better/

Your sites update AUTOMATICALLY with attention-getting news making NewsBuilder 2.0 a truly set & forget income solution The traffic is included & 100% free! You get an award-winning traffic software that drives targeted visitors to your sites. You can easily scale your profits by running more traffic campaigns or launching more sites.

NewsBuilder 2.0 is disrupting the IM space because it finally makes passive income a reality for absolutely anyone. Beginners are loving it. Experienced marketers are effortlessly creating NEW income streams And you can hear all about their results on this page.

Drop everything & check this out immediately. You’ll be glad you did. Wow – I didn’t think they could do it.
When these guys told me they had ‘cracked the code’ to passive profits, I didn’t believe them. Sure [I thought] … another ‘so-called’ passive method that involves building an email list, spending hours posting on forums, making videos … to ‘maybe’ make a few tiny commissions here & there?.

Watch NewsBuilder 2.0 OTO OR Watch Below

This has nothing to do with ANY of that And you’ve never seen anything like it. NewsBuilder 2.0 is a proven method for making hands-free profits in the EXACT same way leading online news sites earn daily income. No hard-selling involved – it’s 100% passive. But these passive profits add up in a HURRY. Brand new users have been making $87, $145 … even $212 PER DAY with this software. See the proof for yourself.

What makes NewsBuilder 2.0 so powerful?. The software builds you PROFESSIONAL sites in any niche – packed with the LATEST updates from over 138 leading news sources Each of your sites are passively monetized – so you get paid without doing ANY selling. You don’t have to write a single piece of content, ever Your sites AUTOMATICALLY update with the latest trending news INCLUDED is a winning software for driving 100% free traffic – backed by over 18 months of proven results.

There’s a lot more under the hood – more than I can cover in this message. But if you’re ready for a tested, proven & ridiculously easy way to make completely passive DAILY income. HURRY to check it out & lock in your early bird discount. This really gives you EVERYTHING you need for passive profits … but if you want to scale up even more, take a close look at the 1st upgrade option.

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