Spy On Your Competitors Best Ads

Imagine having at your fingertips your competitions very best, most profitable ads and marketing campaigns. Could you save yourself a lot of money, hassle and time testing?. Yes! You could infact simply reverse engineer your competitions very best campaigns and profit saving yourself thousands in testing all while making more money faster.

Well previously it wasn’t possible to get this data. It was hidden within Facebook. But thanks to a new revolutionary
technology called AdScouter this information can now be yours for a low one-time price. In fact you can now simply
run a search and locate your top competitors.

Save their best campaigns. Then reverse engineer those campaigns for your benefit or your clients. All for a low one time cost. Potentially saving you and your clients thousands of dollars in testing, trialing and more. AdScouter is a brand new software that goes live at 11am EST on the 20th of October.

It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. Saving you thousands of dollars, hours of hard work and weeks of testing. Go here now to find out more and to see a demo of this incredible software in action.

You’ve just picked yourself up one HOT launch deal. You’ve already set yourself up with permanent access to the ultimate Facebook Advertising Software. In the next few minutes, you should receive an email with your login information. Before you get to the member’s area, we have a special offer for you that we’ve never made available… Until Now.

Find more profitable ads, faster using a brand new ‘Face, image & text’ scanning technology. AdScouter can now scan all image elements to identify winning campaigns, follow and track specific competition you choose to follow, and delivers you with a continuous flow of profitable ads you should know about.

Find New Ecommerce Opportunities. Find different ads, different sellers selling the same product. Find new ‘high converting’ product opportunities. Find competitors selling matching e-commerce products you can reverse engineer. AdScouter scans & identifies products inside of image ads. Then matches that image against a large database.

Unlock a wide range of new profitable ads. Find image ads with specific text inside of the image. The AdScouter software now reads images finding specific brands, keywords, and more… Find new advertising opportunities. For example search: Fitness workshop. Find all of the ads that are running with an image that includes the ‘Fitness workshop’. Or search based on a client’s logo such as: “Academy Of Coffee”.

Find all of the ads running with that brand attached. Discover many more opportunities. Even if your competitors try to hide their brand in their text advertising to avoid detection. You’ll find them anyway. Search throughout the products or images featured in carousel ads. Detect products, text, or images. Find new opportunities within the e-commerce niche, digital product niche or local events.

You can now insert Facebook competitors. For example, if you cannot find a specific Facebook advertiser within our database. Enter their Facebook page URL and begin tracking their activity immediately. We guarantee with this feature you’ll be able to track absolutely ANYONE advertising on Facebook right now.

AdScourter AI users will get prioritized responses over other users on our support desk. When you access an AdScouter AI account today we upgrade your account. Every feature inside of AdScouter AI is also upgraded to Commercial Rights. So when you use these ‘Professional’ features with your clients they benefit too. And you can offer a better service to your clients as well as charge more for your services. Become a highly sought after Facebook ads consultant.

With this new upgrade you’re not only getting a leg up on your competition but you’re also getting a leg up over all of the other Adscouter users who don’t pick up this upgrade. Each of these enhancements has been created specifically to improve your campaign profitability, help you to find better ads, and make more money from your Facebook ad campaigns.

When you get AdScouter today it’s like having your own secret Facebook ads research team working for you, searching for new opportunities, Spying on your competition, and improving your Facebook ad results. Level up your Facebook Advertising now on this page with AdScouter AI package.

Easily scan and locate competitors or comparable products across Facebook. Quickly and easily locate text mentioned inside of images across Instagram & Facebook. Find images and text within Carousel ads. The most profitable ads across every niche inside of our database every month. No competitor is safe. Enter & Track ANY of your competitors. Priority support & future updates to the AdScouter software.

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