The Best Way to Turn Profits with Video – How Todd Gross Did It!

It’s coming… A cloud-based open-canvas video editor with screen capture (like Camtasia) goes live January 14th. So what’s the big deal? Imagine if Camtasia had text-to-speech and language translation built in!?. This video editor is equipped with text-to-speech and language translation, making it the first completely open-canvas editor of it’s kind.

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It opens business opportunities around the World and completely crushes language barriers, opening access to markets that were virtually impossible to reach before now. This Video App will enable ALL of us to tap into the fastest growing online video market for years to come.

Includes Commercial License, is equipped with more features, and is easier to use, ALL at a fraction of the cost to comparable video editors on the market. Want to learn more about this game-changing video editor coming on January 14th?. Click the link below to check out the details.

There is sizzling hot market out there that many of us overlook, time and time again. The ironic thing is it’s a market that every single one of us can capitalize on, and it’s growing at an astounding rate. What is it? It’s the show-me, how-to, video course and video tutorial market, and it’s exactly how Todd Gross got started online many years ago.

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Specifically, he used Camtasia when it first came out, to screen capture the inside of software and explain and train people on how to use it. Software developers paid him handsomely for his services. The skillset also translated perfectly to creating powerful AFFILIATE promotional videos which helped kick off his affiliate marketing success and the rest was history. Listen to Todd as he explains how this market is set to explode over the next several years, and what you can do to capitalize on the massive opportunity every one of us have in the video space – just like he did – ANYONE can do it.

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