The Flaws of WordPress Exposed

Are you a WordPress site owner, tired of constant hacking attempts? Or, maybe you’ve already been hacked. Are you fed up with the constant plug-in and platform updates? It seems like there’s a new version of everything, all the time! Then you must worry about compatibility issues and yeah, security all over again.

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Are you tired of monthly hosting costs, to host those “free” WordPress sites? Or how about the awful performance in page load speed, which is surely hurting your business?. ALL of that can now be a thing of the past, as you move your WordPress (and Wix) websites for the future of the Internet. Have peace of mind that you never have to worry about security threats, never have to update your website ever again, never pay recurring hosting… ALL while knowing your website is performing at it’s very best, impressing Google AND your site visitors with lightning load speeds across ALL devices.

The site-builder that can do it all is MobiFirst – and now you can move content from WordPress and Wix sites with ONE CLICK with MobiFirst Migrate. MobiFirst Migrate is the tool that dramatically speeds up the process of moving from your poor performing WordPress and Wix websites to the revolutionary MobiFirst platform. Where your websites will always be ready for the Internet of the future.

You have to see it for yourself… you can move your content and start designing your new MobiFirst websites in minutes. There’s a low one-time investment that gets you access to ALL of this:
MobiFirst Migrate Tool (to easily move content),
MobiFirst Site Builder (to easily design your sites),
MobiFirst Site Templates (choose from dozens and customize),
Unlimited Hosting (Yes, for One-Time Investment),
Unmatched Site Security (virtually unhackable),
The Fastest Load Speeds On The Web (Google LOVES this),
Technical Support and First-in-class training (we virtually old your hand),
And SO, SO much more…

You must see all of it believe it. Those of you using WordPress or Wix, take the time today to see how much better your website experience can be with MobiFirst. This truly may be a WordPress killer in the making when you combine all the pros this amazing platform has to offer.

Watch MobiFirst Migrate Walk Through

This just opened its doors today, and the price is next to nothing for everything you’re getting. At the very least make the investment and check it out, and take advantage of the 30-Day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied… But Remember NO recurring hosting, NO site updates, NO security breaches, and TOP site performance across every single device.

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