The list-building trick you never used

Hi, You always knew Google was powerful for list marketing. After all, everyone is on Google and you can target them very accurately with all the targeting options that Google provides. But why are you still having problems getting signups?.

2 Reasons:
Most people close your landing page within the first 4 seconds without even looking (web statistic),
People don’t like to type out their emails and share them.

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Yeah, that’s an industry-wide issue, not just you. Sign-ups on squeeze pages are really falling. If you’ve ever run Google ads, ask yourself — How many people click on the ad and how many sign up?. Do you see the huge gap?. But this method changes it.

This is Ads2List a software that makes Google lead gen ads practical. The lead gen ads are awesome because people can sign up to lists just by clicking a button. Nobody needs to fill in anything. That really boosts your sign up rate, You can send the lead to a landing page after sign up and sell to him after you’ve already got the lead.

So why is it that everyone is not using them?. Because there was no easy way to get those leads into your autoresponder. That changes with Ads2List. Ads2List sends everyone who signs up to your autoresponder 100% automatically.

Yes, people click a button and they are added to your autoresponder. That simple:
Connect your Google Ads to Ads2List and grab all your leadgen ads,
Connect to your favorite autoresponder (we support all popular ones),
Anyone who signs up is added straight into your autoresponder list.

Want to see it in action? Click on the link below. Bet you’ll be a fan. You’ve bought the top-billed training from every top marketer for list building. They claim they’ve taught you all they know, and you’ve tried it all. Still nowhere close to their level? Heck! You have trouble making it profitable sometimes.

So how is that working?. Because the top marketers aren’t telling you everything about list marketing. They aren’t telling you about this. This powerful software adds the missing piece in a list building method you never tried – Google leads gen ads. Ads2List gives your lead gen ads the code-backend that sends your leads straight to your autoresponder. Yep, every lead goes into your autoresponder without you having to do anything.

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Why does it beat every single list of marketing methods out there:

#1 One-click signup – Your prospects just click a button to sign up. Low resistance = more signups = more profits.

#2 It’s scalable – You can scale up your converting offer potentially infinitely and grab 100s or even thousands of leads a day.

#3 Get your leads and send them to landing pages to buy – Yep, grab your lead before you send them to a landing page. Then convert them on the landing page. Sales + Leads… Better than exit pops!

#4 It’s automatic – You set it up once and it just works. People keep getting signed up continuously without you having to look at things again.

#5 It works for every niche – Google has your audience no matter what you’re promoting. Go on, target your audience and grab those leads.

#6 It’s still underutilized – Because Google lead gen ads require a code backup, they are still fresh and your customers haven’t been abused by sharky marketers. You can still grab those leads first.

Don’t wait any longer. You need to see it in action. Click this link and see how it works.

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