The type of emails you should be sending out

The type of emails you should be sending out. How you can profit with this software. The things you can do with this software. If you’re running any kind of business online, there are 5 types of emails that you must have ready.
Here they are. Onboarding emails. These are emails you send to your subscribers once they sign up to your email list.
The content of the emails is going to make them like you, see you as an authority and then trust you. With that, they can buy whatever you pitch to them.

Product launch emails. So you just released a new product and you need instant sales for it. It’s only a powerfully written product-launch sequence that can do that for you. So you need to know how to write this. Discount emails. Occasionally, you want to run discount offers during holidays, black Fridays or anniversary.

You will need to know how to craft emails that will put your subscribers on the hot seat until they buy. For your information, most online businesses make more sales during their discount seasons than at any other time. Re-engagement emails. With time, your subscriber base will start getting weak, and they will stop reading your emails.

You will need to have a re-engagement email sequence in place to get them to start opening and reading again, else you’ll lose those subscribers for life. Cart-abandon emails. 35% of your sales are lost to cart abandons. Bringing them back to lead to a massive increase in sales. And that is exactly what a cart-abandon sequence will do for you.
So you also need that in your arsenal.

Affiliate emails. If you plan to promote other people’s products, then you will surely need an affiliate email sequence. And if you plan on having affiliates promote you, then you also need an affiliate email sequence to give to them. So, this is also necessary for you.

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