TrendMonetizer Is Live

Hey, TrendMonetizer is live. It’s come as a rude shock for most content writers working for Marketers and Agencies. They just realized that their so-called USP just got automated. Go here and lock in the copy at early bird prices. TrendMonetizer helps you Find – Hijack – Monetize Trending Content from a single dashboard.

Watch TrendMonetizer OTO OR Watch Below

First – Enter a keyword. Find and hijack TRENDING videos, news articles, blogs and anything that’s making noise across the social media and the web in general. Next – Add your customized message, buy buttons, links or any call-to-action you want Last – Blast it across the social media and your website with just 1-click. It makes… hiring a permanent/freelance content writer, buying content spinners or doing-it-yourself (creating your own content) … It look like a terrible idea.

TrendMonetizer keeps you in the lead by:
Getting you content that is bound to ‘Click’ with your audience because it is already TRENDING,
Engaging and establishing yourself as an authority and profit by sharing relevant content,
Turning every piece of content you put out there into a profit-sucking ad for your business,
Saving you tons of money and countless hours chasing content writers,
And a lot more…

Watch TrendMonetizer OTO Here

I can go on and on about how powerful this tool is. But I’d rather prefer that you check it out and lock it in at the early bird prices. There are some exclusive bonuses lined up too. The Agency License is being offered WITHOUT the need to upgrade. That presents a BIG money-making opportunity by selling it as a service to your clients.
Here’s a walkthrough video that shows you TrendMonetizer in action. Get access before the price-rise. I hear it’s going to happen as soon as they hit a certain number of sales.

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