Turn Any Video Into A Conversion Machine

My friend Rahul PACKS his webinars. I mean, if you accidently leave – you might not get back on. We’re not talking about just a one-off webinar. He’s done it over, and over again. Anytime he wants he flips a ‘hidden switch’, has his market glued to their seats, hanging on his every word, and packing out his webinars like clockwork. How does he do it?.

Two things that he does different than everyone else:
1. The types of videos he creates. He uses hyper engaging, meme style videos with subtitles, calls to action, and emojis. These are the types of videos that you can simply not scroll past on social media. It drags in leads – easily. In fact, these videos are super easy to create with a new video app called Covrr Studio.

In fact, it only takes 4 simple steps:
1. Upload your video,
2. Pick from a library of beautiful, custom build templates and customize,
3. Optionally use the automated captions,
4.Share and start profiting.
It’s that simple. You can check out the full demo here.

This is the easiest to use video app I’ve ever seen, and it’s loaded with features:
Create Unlimited Attention Grabbing Videos at lightning speed,
100% Cloud Based Platform Works On Any Computer,
Create Any Length Of Video – FAST,
Progress Bars and Countdown Timers Max Your Conversions,
Customize with Creatives from Gifs, Emojis, Images, and more,
Automated Captions & Transcriptions At No Additional Charge,
Millions of Stock Images/Videos – Turnkey Multi-Media Vault,
It’s the easiest way I’ve seen to create a ‘guru’ type of authority video, and you can do so in minutes.

2. He uses something call the “Invisible List” strategy. In fact, with this strategy you can add people to your “Invisible List” for just pennies per person. It’s really that cheap. Then, he follows up with them like crazy. If you’d like a better idea how it works check out the sales page that explains it a little better and how he used Covrr Studio videos to literally PACK his webinars.

If you are doing any kind of video marketing – it doesn’t matter if it’s paid ads or organic, then Covrr Studio is something that you absolutely must have in your arsenal. Go watch the demo now and you’ll see why this is one of the absolute best investments you can make in 2021. It’s available for a one-time price during this launch, so lock it the lowest price now.

If you have video clients right now you know what it’s like you have to edit videos, you have to create different versions in different layouts, render, wait, export, and upload…and, all of this takes way more time than you should actually be spending.

Even if you are creating videos for yourself, it is absolutely essential to be present on multiple platforms at the same time to reinforce your message and be visible to your prospects wherever they go. Unfortunately… in this case one size doesn’t fit all. Different social media platforms use different layouts.

Earn more money by bagging more freelancing jobs than ever before. Imagine being able to take any boring video, import it into Covrr Studio, and in minutes create a video that not only will keep the viewer highly engaged, but drive them to consume more of your content and want to hang on to every word and lead them to take action. Presenting to you Covrr Studio.

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