Unlimited cloud storage for 1-time fee

DropBox killer INSIDE. Bye bye Google Drive. Better than DropBox and GDrive COMBINED?. As Internet Marketers, we need to take care of our computer files and make sure that our most important business documents (videos, products, software, etc.) as well as cherished memories (family photographs) are safe and protected from a hard drive failure or hacker attack. Equally important is the speed with which we can share these work and life files with our business or life partners. That’s why Dropbox is a $10B business and everyone from Apple to Google and Amazon is fighting for a piece of the pie.

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The problem? It’s ridiculously expensive, it’s a monthly fee and it’s NOT targeted to Internet Marketers. But this here is (Check it out NOW).

ProfitDrive is the ULTIMATE storage & backup solution built by Internet Marketers FOR Internet Marketers.
You get the ability to upload, store and share unlimited files no matter what size,
Your data is 100% secure with us and so well encrypted even we cannot read it,
Sharing your files with friends, family or business partners has never been easier – just one click and you’re done,
You can HOST all your website’s data including images and graphics in order to get the best possible page loading speed with zero downtime,
You can BACK UP all of your files so you’ll never lose them ever again And it’s all with ZERO monthly fees.

Get your lifetime storage & hosting deal. So you can finally say “GOODBYE” to:
Paying ridiculous monthly fees to cloud storage systems like Google Drive or DropBox in exchange for sub-par services and questionable privacy policies,
Being restricted to the number of files you can upload and share or the size of the uploads you make,
Not to mention living with the constant fear of losing your data stored locally on your computer, or mobile phone – think family photos which may never be recovered.

ProfitDrive makes all of this a thing of the past:
unlimited cloud storage & backup solution,
100% newbie friendly with no restrictions,
designed for Internet Marketers.
Plus most importantly…ONE TIME LOW FEE

Get started now, Take action NOW and claim your exclusive one-time fee access to a next-level revolution unlike any you’ve seen yet. Don’t miss out on an incredible software unlike any other.

As a Beta tester of ProfitDrive, I was struck at how most developers either over complicate or deliver too little to their customers. I’ve seen this first hand so many times, having bought tons of software and usually ending up either underwhelmed or overloaded with functionality that isn’t needed. Enter it and my expectations weren’t very high to be fair. But what a surprise as we went through the process of ironing our bugs, adding functionality that enhanced our experiences of using it, plus we had the developer Calin actually going to great lengths to ensure our experiences were exceeding expectations. We tested everything from Mac and PC to ipads and apple phones and android. We hit issues of course, but these were all overcome. This is no exaggeration, I wholeheartedly recommend it for all your cloud and online storage needs. Some apps deliver really well, some under-deliver, it over delivers because you get the app that works perfectly along with the customer service that we all love but rarely find. Buy the app, use the service and know that your files are in safe hands, everything is stored safely and securely. And remember if you ever delete something you shouldn’t, or didn’t mean to. Don’t worry, just look in the trash file and grab it. Functionality is familiar to any regular app user, just done better than you might expect. Buy with confidence. It’s the only online storage I need. Best, Nigel Willis,

I do Video & SEO and has a great need to use the cloud as to store my PDF files, from them files I use on Dropbox for SEO purposes this is an idea I got from other marketers in the game. Also, with video and the sense of speed needed for websites and more here again the cloud storage comes in very very handy. I became a beta tester for ProfitDrive. Been involved with great people and between us all we have a cloud storage system that’s just right for everyone. The storage set up is easy to understand and fits and sits well on all platforms. So yes, from my mobile or desk top PC all is available and the speed in uploading is out of this world. I love it. YOU will too,

I’m not often blown away by apps that I have purchased before, in fact I am not hyped or over the top about much to be honest. However, it under promised and over delivered big time. Calin has done an amazing job and is delightful to deal with. Throughout the beta process Calin listened and improved an already awesome product into the juggernaut that it is now. Along with this great product comes even better customer service too. In my opinion this may spell death to other famous Dropbox and cloud storage products. It is both powerful and easy to use. If you haven’t got it you are losing out big time.


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