You are wasting time and money here’s why…

Hey, Russell Brunson doesn’t know it yet but let’s take a quick look at ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is probably the most popular digital tool online today. And while it’s a great tool that offers a lot, it’s expensive and you still need to

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Come up with a unique idea,
Create a lead magnet,
Create a product,
Create the sales page,
Create the thank you pages,
Pay expensive copywriters for content,
Pay expensive designers to design that content,
Spend hours putting everything together.

And the list goes on and on… (Total time spent: 30 days). Now let’s look at DigitalFunnels just to compare the two
Step 1: Pick a funnel from the 10 done-for-you funnels inside
Step 2: Add your payment link/email/PayPal
Step 3: Send some traffic and you’re done!
(Total time spent: 60 seconds)

So which do you think wins here? I’ll let you decide that But wait, I haven’t even talked about the cost, which is even more shocking. Now I’m not saying that ClickFunnels is a bad tool. It has its place if you’re an experienced marketer who has a team of creative people and virtual assistants behind you. However, if you’re starting out or value your time and money then the difference between ClickFunnels and DigitalFunnels is like the difference between driving a manual transmission car versus an automatic. Seriously, who has time to go through a huge checklist of items?. Time is money Time is more valuable than money

Watch DigitalFunnels Walk Through OR Watch Below

So, save time and money by getting 10 premium quality DFY funnels complete with DFY lead magnets (to build your list) and DFY products (to generate revenue), all for the price of a family meal. See a full demo of how it works here.

PS. Digital Funnels is now selling for the lowest price ever, grab your access before the price jumps up.

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