You own fully automated Adsense approved site on any niche you want

[EASY EASY EASY] New Web App creates FULLY AUTOMATED ADSENSE APPROVED sites on ANY NICHE with ONE CLICK. [100% AUTOMATED?] New App Creates and HOSTS a site on ANY NICE + gives you UNLIMITED autoresponder just like AWEBER or GETRESPONSE with NO MONTHLY FEES. [WORKS IN ONE CLICK!] You own fully automated Adsense approved site on any niche you want + complete UNLIMITED autoresponder service.

Hey awesome action taking marketer, This new BREAKTHROUGH software is an all in one app that creates and HOSTS a fully automated “Adsense” approved website for you on ANY niche or subject. AND even features a fully integrated UNLIMITED autoresponder service just like Aweber. All with NO MONTHLY FEES

iMarketer is a breakthrough game changing software:
It creates and hosts beautiful websites on ANY SUBJECT or NICHE you want in one click,
Fully adsense approved and integrated so you can EASILY monetise your website no matter what niche you are in by just copying and pasting some adsense code,
Powerful high converting themes designed to get you conversions with adsense. You just copy and paste your adsense code, we do the rest,
PLUS BREAKTHROUGH FEATURE: A full autoresponder service fully integrated into your website. Collect leads, create lists, automations, import leads. UNLIMITED SUBSCRIBERS, UNLIMITED EMAILS NO LIMITS EVER,
A fully featured autoresponder service just like Aweber with NO MONTHLY FEES,
Powerful content generation from auto transcribed Youtube videos produces 100% original content in a site blog section,
Create a fully monetized website you can be PROUD OF about any subject or niche you want in ONE CLICK..

This 100% Autopilot software is completely unique and this has never been done before. Setup once and you’re done. Content + EASY ADSENSE COMMISSIONS + TRAFFIC all done every day, all created and HOSTED for you, with just ONE CLICK.

With the PRO version you aren’t limited to just ONE site you get UNLIMITED and they are ALL FULLY HOSTED FOR YOU. Just think if ONE iMarketer site makes us say $100 a week, with 100 iMarketer sites we could MULTIPLY that by 100. Turning a respectable $100 a week income into a mind blowing $10,000 a week.

Just imagine you could have your own fully automated EMPIRE, constant content for all your sites, constant courses making us commissions on all our sites, and ALL sites fully hosted for you at no extra cost. Remember having lots of really unique content is the surest way to rank your site on Google and with the iMarketer PRO spinning engine that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The Pro version contains a highly upgraded version of the spinning engine, that lets you easily and quickly deploy fully automated content spinning on ALL your sites. Just imagine you could have literally hundreds of sites ALL ranking themselves to page 1, all of them getting thousands of google search traffic visitors and all of them making you money.

With the PRO version you can see stats on what ads are performing best on your site, with view rate, click through rate, information on visitor locations and much much more. You can also get the same information on any ads you add to your site. You can select different date ranges to see what ads perform best at different times of the year.

With the PRO upgrade you even get the ability to turn on AUTOMATIC Split testing. So different ads + reviews can be shown at different times to different visitors and iMarketer will automatically select the best performers to make you even more money.

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iMarketer OTO
i Marketer OTO

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