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I’ve been telling you about this new app called Preequell and a lot of you have some questions.

Q: What is Preequell?
Preequell is a new software that ethically “brainwashes” people into buying from you. So how does it work? The secret’s in a 1933 discovery of a soviet psychologist, which Preequell exploits.

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Q: Do I need to pay for traffic?
No, Prequell is fuelled by traffic built into the software.

Q: How long will it take to get results?
It all depends on how fast you activate Preequell. You can get up and running in less than 59 seconds. Simply login to the software, choose a quiz, insert your link & activate the built in traffic. Dozens of users have reported being able to make 3 figure paydays in as little as 1-3 days after getting started.

Q: Are there any extra expenses or hidden fees?
No! You get everything you need with Preequell. Everything from free blazing fast hosting, to a domain name. No strings attached, period…

Q: Is this illegal or blackhat?
Nothing illegal, blackhat, or anything that could get you in trouble is involved.

Q: What if I experience any issues with the software?
Jason’s world class support team is ready to help you out if you experience any issues with our software

Q: I’m ready to take action, how do I get started?
Click the link below to secure your discounted copy before the price goes monthly:

Secure Your Discount Now. I hope that helped you out and answered any concerns. Instead of struggling to make moo-lah online, how’d you like to ethically “brainwash” people into buying from you?. Not only that, there’s no cost traffic is built-in so you won’t have to. I know it sounds crazy.. But it’s true.

Imagine finally getting a taste of online freedom – no staying up late worrying about bills or struggling to make ends meet. That’s exactly what you’ll have the power to do with this Aussie’s new software. Want access?. Then mark your calendar right now for June 05 at 9AM EST to access it at the lowest, one time price.

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