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ATTENTION: This is very sensitive information and we wanted our subscribers to be among the first set of beneficiaries before it becomes a competitive advantage for every tom, dick and harry. It’s about new software that Rank For Hard Keywords On #1 Of Both Google & Youtube In Minutes! and triple your traffic and leads overnight! Check out RankFlux Local in action here.

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The result speaks for itself. Fortunately, here is an opportunity to grab RankFlux SEO Plugin Commercial License + a full-blown DFY ‘SEO Ranking’ Agency Business set up + DFY Materials to Pitch & Sell your SEO Services…
I don’t want you to miss out and that is why I am literally forcing you to make money through this DFY ‘SEO Ranking’ Agency Business Set-Up.

This is new and a lot of Marketers are going to embrace this service…so its an easy $5k per month for you.
So, How Do You Bank The Easy $5k/ month?. Offer SEO Service using our DFY SEO Ranking Agency Website to Local Business leads while Rankflux does the dirty work for you.. so its easy money.

One of my most respected industry friend is launching a brand new software called RankFlux Local today at 11 am est. I am very excited and particular about this tool especially because This is something COMPLETELY different. A SYSTEM that’s been tested & proven for OVER a year by hundreds of customers who are making daily earnings themselves in ONE Click. With ALL the support you’ll need to make- REAL Moolah online.

Here Is RankFlux Local In Summary: It allow you to get Local Deals Offering Unlimited Google Page #1 Rankings & FREE Targeted BUYER Traffic With RankFlux SEO Plugin To Local Business Owners Using Our Highly Profitable & Customizable Agency Website That Accepts Orders & Payment In One Click.

In short RankFlux Local Edition = RankFlux SEO Software + Agency Site Builder + DFY Pitch Materials.
RankFlux a simple ranking solution that uses shortcuts to rank for multiple keywords essentially INCREASING traffic potential for the same effort by 500% or more. Fast rankings that stick, complete SEO newbies can get results.

Here is What RankFlux Local Will do for You:Keyword Finder: Get 100s of Google Page #1 Rankings & free targeted buyer traffic in no time. Find high traffic, relevant, low competition keywords for your website, blog or business.
=> Competitor Analysis: Full SEO competition analysis of any keyword. Quickly & easily outrank your competitors on Google Page #1.

Watch RankFlux Local Edition Walk Through OR Watch Below

Google Suggest Keyword: Long Tail Keyword Suggestions & Optimization including search volume, CPC & PPC. Rank SPY: Get keywords that any domain and any web page are ranking for…this includes: Organic and paid keywords, Keyword positions, Results snippets, Extra SERP elements, Search volume, Cost per click, Competition value, Website rankings, Traffic cost, Estimated traffic value.


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